Continuing Education Sponsor Information and Application

Continuing Education Application    

All continuing education program hours must be evaluated by the Board, unless the sponsor has been approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education or the program is given through an approved organization as listed below.   

The following is a list of approved organizations that in accordance with IC 25-1-4-0.2; if a program provided by one of these organizations directly enhances a pharmacist's knowledge and skill in the practice of pharmacy, then the hours are acceptable by the Board and evaluation is not required.

  1. U.S. Department of Education
  2. Council on Post-Secondary Education
  3. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals
  4. Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations
  5. Federal, state, and local government agencies
  6. A college or other teaching institution accredited by the US Department of Education or the Council on post-secondary education
  7. A national organization of practitioners whose members practicing in Indiana are subject to regulation by a board or agency regulating a profession
  8. A national, state, district, or local organization that operates as an affiliated entity under the approval of an organization listed in subdivisions 1-7
  9. An internship or a residency program conducted in a hospital that has been approved by an organization listed in subdivisions 1-7
  10. Any other organization or individual approved by the Board.

Continuing Education Sponsorship
All continuing education program hours from sponsors who are not on the above list of approved organizations must be evaluated and accepted by the Board. 

  • A sponsor shall be any person, school, association, or corporation who develops a continuing education program.
  • Sponsors shall receive written notice from the board for approval or disapproval from the board. Approved programs shall be given an identification number stating the year and hourly value.
  • Program changes must be made to and accepted by the board or the evaluation and acceptance of the program becomes null and void.
  • Sponsors shall retain a file of participants’ program completion for four (4) years.

As of July 1, 2009, the Board will no longer accept and/or approve continuing education with a "commercial interest".  This falls in line with updated ACPE guidelines for acceptance of continuing education.  "Commercial interest" means any proprietary entity producing health care goods or services, with the exemption of non-profit or government organizations and non-health care related companies.  The CE provider must plan all CE activities independent of commercial interest; the educational content must be presented with full disclosure and equitable balance.

Appropriate topics and learning activities must be distinguished from topics and learning activities which are promotional or appear to be intended for the purpose of endorsing either a specific commercial drug, device, or other commercial product, or a specific commercial service.

Sponsors shall submit the CE program application along with the following required documentation in order for the course to be considered for CE:

  1.  An agenda documenting the hours of organized learning experience;
  2. Any supplementary materials (outlines, hand-outs, bibliographies, copies of slideshow presentations, etc.);
  3. A copy of the speaker’s curriculum vitae, description of speaker’s expertise, work history or other documentation regarding the speaker’s expertise on the topic; and
  4. Three (3) learning objectives for the program.

Continuing education questions may be directed to the Board at 317.234.2067 or by e-mail at