NAB Exam, RCAL Exam & Indiana Jurisprudence Exams

NAB and RCAL Examinations

Once the licensure requirements have been satisfied, candidates for the NAB or RCAL examination need to visit the NAB website at to apply for the appropriate examination.

Exam Registration Fees:
Currently, Professional Examination Service (PES) processes two separate transactions when an applicant applies to take the NAB or RCAL Exam.  Upon submitting the application, the applicant’s credit card is charged a $75 non-refundable processing fee.  Once the state board indicates  that the candidate is eligible to sit for the exam, the remaining balance of $275 for the NAB ($225 for the RCAL) is charged to the applicant’s credit card on file.    

Effective Monday, May 2, 2013 PES, in order to be PCI compliant, will now be collecting the full fee when an applicant submits their online application.

After the candidate submits an application to take the exam, the NAB will send an e-mail to the Board notifying them of the application. At that time, the Board will make the determination of the candidate’s eligibility to test. Once the Board makes the candidate eligible, the candidate will receive an electronic Authorization to Test (ATT) letter  from NAB detailing the time constraints and steps necessary to schedule an appointment to test at a Prometric Testing Center.

Once the Professional Licensing Agency receives candidate results from NAB stating the candidate has successfully passed the examination, the candidate will receive their results via e-mail. The candidate will then be emailed information detailing the process to schedule the Indiana State Jurisprudence Examination.

Indiana Jurisprudence Examination


Please be advised that the PLA will the proctoring the HFA Jurisprudence Exam.  The exam dates are as follows:


2018 - beginning at 9am in room CC-14
January 9
February 20
April 3
May 15
June 26
July 24
August 7
September 18
October 30
December 11

Candidates for the Indiana State Jurisprudence Examination must meet all the education and experience requirements prior to being approved to take the examination. All applicants for licensure must take and pass the Indiana Jurisprudence examination. 

After an application is reviewed and approved, the Board will send the Intent to Take Health Facility Jurisprudence Examination form that lists the available examination dates. The Intent form may either be submitted by mail or by fax at 317-233-4236. It must be received by our office at least two (2) business days prior to the selected examination date. Please do not submit this form until the NAB or RCAL exam has been successfully completed.

Testing Accommodation Request

If you have a disability that may require some accommodation in taking the examinations, you must submit a Testing Accommodation Request Form to our office.