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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the requirements to be registered as a professional Land Surveyor?
Answer: To be registered as a professional Land Surveyor you must graduate from an approved Land Surveyor curriculum and complete eight years of combined education and experience. See IC 25-21.5-5-2 in the statutes and rules.

Question: How can I receive verification of my license?
Answer: You will have to purchase a digital verification from the following website,
http://www.in.gov/pla/verify.htm.  Once you have saved the form to your computer email the verification to pla10@pla.in.gov and inform the board you need your verification to be emailed to the board of your choosing.   

Question: How do you apply for a registration by comity?
Answer: To apply for a registration by comity you must have a valid license from another state. If the registration was at a standard lower than Indiana at the time of original registration the board will assign parts of the examination as needed.

Question: How often is the examination administered?
Answer: Contact NCEES for information on when the Part 2A (PS) exam is given. 

Question: How do I receive my SIT license if I took the FS exam through my college/university?
Answer: You will need to submit a copy of the pass letter from NCEES and have your college/university submit a degree confirmed transcript directly to the board. Once those items are received you will be issued an SIT number.  

Question: When does a SIT certification expire?
Answer: There is no expiration or renewal of a surveyor-in-training certification.

Question: How often does the board meet?
Answer: The board meets once a quarter.

Question: After the board has approved my application, how do I get registered?
Answer: Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a letter approving you for the Part 2A (PS exam) and/or the Part 2B (law exam). After you have passed the exam(s) you are approved for, you will be emailed an issuence letter.  Once the fee is received your license number will be issued. 

Question: Can a Land Surveyor who has a current Indiana License perform engineering work?
Answer: Only within subdivisions and only to a limited extent.  Interested persons should review IC 25-21.5-1-7 before proceeding with any engineering.

Question: How can I order a wall certificate?
Answer: Please visit

Question: When is the Part IIB (Indiana Specific Law Exam) given?
Answer: The Indiana Specific Law Exam is administered quarterly, the same day the board meet.

Question: How long before I receive my pocket card?
Answer: You can order a pocket card from the following website,
https://mylicense.in.gov/egov/ .