Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I obtain a verification of my license?
Answer: You will have to purchase a digital verification from the following website,  Once you have purchased the digital verification you will need to email the verification to and inform the board as to which board the verification needs to receive the information. 

Question: What are the requirements for professional engineer registration?
Answer: One must graduate from an approved engineer curriculum followed by fours years of experience.

Question: What is a supplemental form?  
A supplemental form is used for applicants that may have a technology degree, graduated from a non ABET accredited program, or is a foreign degree applicant.  If you fall into one of the above categories a supplemental form is needed to complete your application.  Click
here for a supplemental form. 

Question: How do you apply for a license by comity?
Answer: You must submit an application, including
five references. Three must be from professional engineers. You must also submit certification from the state in which you received your license, showing proof of EI and PE, along with college transcripts and also complete part three of the examination (a written test on Indiana license law).

Question: How does one become licensed as a professional corporation?
Answer: If your corporation is an LLC, INC, Limited, PC or PA you will need to register with the Secretary of State. 

Question: When does registration as an Engineer Intern (EI) expire?
Answer: There is no expiration or renewal of registration for an Engineer Intern.

Question: How do I get my seal?
Answer: Seals are sold at stationery stores, or where they make rubber stamps. See 864 IAC 1.1-7-2, for rules of design and content.

Question: After the board has approved my application, how do I get licensed?
Answer: You will be sent a letter informing you of your approval and to submit an issuance fee.  Once the issuance fee is received your license will be issued.

Question: How often does the board meet to review applications?
Answer: The board meets once every other month to review applications.

Question: How often is the examination administered?
Answer: The examination is administered twice a year; in April and October. All applicants must be board approved to take the Fundamentals of Engineering or Principles and Practice exam.  To be considered for the April exam an application has to be postmarked by January 2nd.  To be considered for the October exam an application has to be postmarked by July 1st.

Question: How can I order a wall certificate?
Answer: Please visit

Question: Who should I make my check payable to?
Answer: Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA.)

Question: How long before I receive my pocket card?
Answer: You can order a pocket card from the following website, .  You will have to use your license number as the login and the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number as your password.