Frequently Asked Questions

What are your requirements for architect reciprocal registration?
For reciprocal registration, the architect must be licensed in good standing with their state. Please refer to Indiana code 804 IAC 1.1-2-1.

Who should I make the check payable to?
Make checks or money orders payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA).

What is required to take the architect examination?
An applicant will be allowed to take the examination only if they qualify for registration. The qualifications include an accredited degree and three (3) years of experience as stated in Indiana code 804 IAC 1.1-6-3.

What is the content of the Architect examination? 
The content of the exam includes Building Design, Site Planning and Design, Building Systems, Construction Documents, Programming Planning and Practice, Schematic Design, and Structural Systems. For more information, please refer to NCARB at

What are your requirements for registration as a landscape architect?
The requirements for registration of a landscape architect consist of an accredited degree or; eight (8) years of experience in the offices of a landscape architect. You must also take and pass the LARE in order to establish a landscape architect license. For information on the LARE please refer to their webpage at

I just received a letter saying I was approved by the Board, and I need a registration number. How do I get a registration number?
In order to receive your registration number you must send in your license fee of $50.00 if the date is 12/1 on an even year thru 11/30 on an odd year and $100 from 12/1 on an odd year thru 11/30 on an even year. For more information, click here for the fee schedule.

How do I register a Professional Corporation?
To register a professional corporation, an application for a certificate of registration must be submitted in writing with the name and address of the proposed corporation. The application will be reviewed by the licensing authority. Once the bureau has received the approval from the licensing authority, along with a payment of $25, it will issue the certificate of registration. Please click here for application instructions and click here for the application.

How much is the renewal fee?
The fee for renewal of the architect and landscape architect license is $100 payable prior to November 30th of each odd numbered year.

How can I get a verification of my license?
Please visit the following website to purchase a digital verification of your license,

How long before I receive my pocket card?
You can order a pocket card from the following website,  You will have to use your license number as the login and the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number as your password.