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Reinstatement Of An Expired License

Expired Licenses - Penalty Fees
A licensee may reinstate a respiratory care license up to three (3) years after the expiration date by paying a late fee of $50.00 in addition to the renewal fee of $50.00, for a total fee of $100.00.  You may renew online at
PLA Online Services or download the renewal form from the "Renewal Information" link on the previous page.  Online renewals are only available for up to 18 months.   You may be required to reset your user id and password using the "Register a Person" option.

Expired Licenses - After Three (3) Years
If your respiratory care license has been expired for three (3) years or more you
will be required to complete the following:       

1.  Submit a renewal form from the "Renewal Information" link on the previous page.
2.  Payment of a Reinstatement Fee (Current renewal fee plus the current application fee):  $100.00
3.  Proof of continuing education for the time period the license has been expired. Must include 15 hours for the renewal missed and then 7.5 hours for every year the license has been expired.
4.  Letter of work history detailing your employment since the Indiana license expired.
5.  Verification of any other state licenses held. 

6.  The Committee may require you to appear for further review.  
7.  The Committee may require you to retake and pass the current entry level National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) examination with proof of the current examination results submitted to the Committee.  However, you may also request a copy of your most recent credentialing from NBRC.  For either of these options, please contact the NBRC at:

National Board of Respiratory Care, Inc.
10801 Mastin Street, Suite 300

Overland Park, KS  66210-1614

Telephone:  (913) 895-4900
Fax:              (913) 712-9283
Web Site:  http://www.nbrc.org/
Email:        nbrc@nbrc.org  

Continuing Education Requirements
Information regarding
continuing education requirements is located at the Committee's website. Below is a chart of how many continuing education hours you may be required to complete in order to renew your license based upon the expiration date:

December 31, 1992 210*
December 31, 1994 210
December 31, 1996 195
December 31, 1998 180
December 31, 2000 165
December 31, 2002 150
December 31, 2004 135
December 31, 2006 120
December 31, 2008 105
December 31, 2010 90
December 31, 2012 75
December 31, 2014 60
December 31, 2016 45
December 31, 2018 30

*Respiratory care practitioners were not required to complete continuing education for the renewal of their license in 1992.