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Chesterton Municipal Sewer Ordinance

UPDATE (3-5-2020): The IURC has granted a motion to temporarily stay the proceedings in this case. A settlement agreement between Chesterton and the City of Valparaiso is pending in a separate docket.

The Town of Chesterton is seeking IURC approval of an ordinance governing wastewater utility services outside the town limits in Cause No. 45312.

State law gives municipalities the exclusive right to provide such service outside city or town limits, provided that certain conditions apply including IURC approval of the city or town's regulatory ordinances.

The case's public file is available on the IURC website.

Chesterton is scheduled to file testimony on Feb. 11, 2020 with testimony from the OUCC and intervening parties due by Mar. 24, 2020. An IURC order is expected in the summer.

This page will be updated based on case developments.