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Vectren Energy Efficiency Plans

Vectren’s electric utility is offering energy efficiency programs under IURC orders issued in October 2014, March 2016, and December 2017.

In the most recent order (Cause No. 44927), the IURC approved an energy efficiency plan for 2018 through 2020. The OUCC filed testimony (Rutter and Thacker) recommending denial of the plan as proposed.

In Vectren's previous energy efficiency case (IURC Cause No. 44645), the OUCC recommended denial of Vectren’s request to recover lost revenues and shareholder incentives through rates. The IURC’s March 2016 order approved the recovery of lost revenues through customer rates, capping the recovery at a 4-year period. It also approved shareholder incentives. In a March 2017 opinion, the Indiana Court of Appeals remanded the case to the IURC for further proceedings. The IURC issued its order on remand in December 2017.

To review the file for either case, visit the IURC website and enter the respective cause number.

The OUCC website offers an overview of energy efficiency cases including the agency's role.