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Related Agencies

OED collaborates with many stakeholders including various state and federal agencies. These public and private partners are important to OED because of the perspectives and insight they bring. Energy touches every aspect of our society - it’s the cornerstone of our economy. As such, our partners are equally as critical to helping OED develop smart energy policy solutions for Hoosiers.

Indiana Government Agencies

Federal Agencies

Regional Transmission Organizations


Indiana has a broad range of electric providers that supply, transmit and distribute electricity to end-use consumers. These companies are unique and vary by size, geography, scale of operations, and characteristics. All of them, however, serve the public interest and ensure a reliable, affordable, and stable portfolio of electricity for consumers.

Investor-Owned Utilities

Municipal Utilities

Rural Electric Membership Cooperatives

There are more than 30 rural electric membership cooperatives (REMCs), most of which are members of the organizations below.

Natural Gas & Fuels

Associations and other partners