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Electric Plug-In/Hybrids

Electricity powers nearly every aspect of our lives, and we’re bringing that sustainable energy to transportation, both on and off the road. By offering lower electricity rates and programs for off-peak usage, this helps people and businesses reduce costs and environmental impact. Customers save on charging, while commercial businesses increase efficiency by using electricity to transport their goods.

Electric vehicles come in many forms. PEV, or Plug-in Electric Vehicle, is any vehicle that plugs in to recharge. These vehicles may or may not also have a gasoline engine on board. PEVs come in three types:

  • BEV, or Battery Electric Vehicle, is a total electric vehicle that stores electricity in batteries
  • PHEV, or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, primarily uses gasoline and is supplemented with electricity
  • EREV, or Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, primarily uses electricity and is supplemented with gasoline

Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies

Since the majority of electric vehicle drivers commute 40 miles or less each day, home charging satisfies 78 percent of the recharging needs. Additional charging locations - workplace and public locations - may add travel flexibility and build range confidence. Workplace charging accounts for about 12 percent and public charging accounts for about 10 percent of the additional recharging needs.

Level 1 Charger - Provides charging through a 120-volt AC outlet. Based on the battery type and vehicle, Level 1 charging adds 2-5 miles of range to an EV per hour of charging time.

Level 2 Charger - Provides charging through a 240-volt AC outlet and requires installation of equipment and a dedicated electrical circuit. A Level 2 charger can easily charge a typical EV battery overnight. Level 2 charging adds 10-20 miles of range to an EV per hour of charging time.

DC Fast Charger - Provides fast charging at sites such as heavy traffic corridors and public fueling stations. A DC fast charger can add 60-80 miles of range to an EV in 20 minutes.

Indiana has many electric charging infrastructure options across the state, in towns, cities and even in state parks like the Indiana Dunes or Turkey Run.