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There are 72 municipally-owned electric utilities across Indiana. In the early 1980s, a group of municipalities created the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) to jointly own and finance generation and transmission facilities, allowing cities and towns to provide electricity more economically to their customers. IMPA began operations as a “joint action agency” in 1983 with 26 members. As individual utilities, IMPA members had limited access to power supply options. As a wholesale power provider, IMPA is able to sell electricity to their members more economically than having to generate or purchase it themselves, thereby saving money and keeping electric costs as low as possible.

IMPA is governed by its members. Member utilities purchase their power requirements from IMPA and deliver that power to the residents and companies in their service territories. Altogether, IMPA members deliver electric service to over 330,000 individuals throughout Indiana and Ohio. Of the 72 municipal utilities in Indiana, 61 are members of IMPA.

Statewide Map of Indiana Municipal Power Agency Members and Generating Resources