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OED Mission & Vision

Mission: To support the development of affordable, stable and reliable energy solutions for the benefit of all Hoosiers.

Vision: For OED to be a national leader in the development of robust and comprehensive policy solutions that promote affordability, stability and reliability and drives towards an innovative and secure 21st century energy economy.

All of the Above Approach

OED is working hard to support and advance Governor Eric J. Holcomb’s vision for a Next Level Energy Economy. Governor Holcomb believes that an All of the Above Approach is critical to maintain an affordable, stable and reliable energy landscape. All of the Above is the foundation for fuel diversity. Fuel Diversity is vital to supporting Hoosier families, while positioning Indiana as a dynamic national leader in energy innovation to fuel state and regional economic growth.

By utilizing an All of the Above Approach to energy policy, Indiana maintains a strong foundation for conventional energy resources while supporting growth in renewable resources and emerging technologies. Governor Holcomb’s All of the Above Approach is a critical piece towards mitigating risk across this rapidly changing energy environment through pragmatic, transparent and robust policy solutions that balance interests of consumers and energy providers alike.

As one of the most manufacturing-intense economies in North America with a thriving technology sector, Indiana needs affordable, stable and reliable energy solutions to remain economically competitive. The Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) was established to shepherd Indiana’s energy policy development and implementation of comprehensive energy planning initiatives.

2018 Indiana Fuel Mix