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Solar Thermal Hot Water Grant

*The Solar Thermal Hot Water Grant is currently closed and not taking applications at this time. The grant winners were announced in the press releases found on our Newsroom Page.*

Funding Goal and Summary

OED will offer a total of $300,000 to help food and beverage processors in Indiana to install solar thermal water heaters. The Indiana Solar Thermal Water Heater (ISTWH) Grant Program provides funding for up to 50% of project costs per grantee for the installation of solar hot water heaters. The maximum grant award will be $50,000. Applicants must consume at least 100,000 gallons of hot water annually.

By adopting solar thermal technology to offset the use of more traditional fuels, food and beverage processors may lower energy bills and diversify their energy sources.  By diversifying energy sources, Indiana processors may reduce their exposure to energy price shocks and improve their access to affordable, reliable energy. Projects such as these will help Indiana’s traditional industries remain strong. They will also aid the growth of Indiana's newer industries, such as wineries and dairies, to grow and thrive. 

Grant Guidelines: Please review the guidelines here.


Applications are due October 27 at 5:00 PM ET. The following items must be put into one zip file and sent to grants@oed.in.gov:

1. Application Form
2. Project Narrative
3. Budget
4. Equipment Quotes and Literature for Selected Technology
5. Project Calculations and Water Bills
6. NEPA Questionnaire: submit this form to OED, and OED will post it onto NEPA's review site. 
7. SHPO Section 106 Assurance
8. Certifications and Assurance Signature Page
9. Organization Registration with Secretary of State
10. Installer Certification and Licensure