Combined Heat & Power Technologies

Combined Heat and Power (CHP, also known as cogeneration) can provide thermal energy for buildings or processes, while simultaneously generating part of the electricity needed at the site. CHP or cogeneration is the sequential production of two forms of useful energy from a single fuel source.

Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power SystemA CHP system recovers the heat from electricity generation for productive uses such as heating, cooling, dehumidification, and other processes—heat that is usually wasted at conventional power plants. And because the electricity is generated near the point of use, it is subject to fewer transmission losses than electricity supplied by distant central power plants.


Regional centers have been established in selected parts of the country to facilitate deployment of CHP technologies through:

  • Educating regional players on benefits of CHP technologies, while reducing perceived risks;
  • Providing project-specific support;
  • Providing feedback to DOE and industry regarding future R&D program needs; and
  • Interacting with states to encourage a favorable policy environment for CHP.

CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships
Midwest CHP TAPs

CHP Diagram

CHP is a technology that is currently available. It greatly increases the total efficiency by lessening the amount of generation and distribution losses. Source: U.S. DOE - EERE