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How to Apply

The application process will include two phases: a Letter of Intent and a full application phase. Only applicants who have submitted an eligible Letter of Intent will be eligible to submit a full application. To review a graphic of the process, click here. Download a copy of the application below to read through the directions. If you have any questions, please visit our Resources page.

At each phase, OCRA will perform a compliance review of the applicant submissions to determine whether they meet the application requirements of Section II.D. OCRA will not review or consider submissions that do not meet the eligibility requirements of Section I.C.

All submissions must be submitted via NLC@ocra.in.gov and as applicable, an FTP site for large files, and must conform to the following form and content requirements:

  • Each must be submitted in Adobe PDF format (unless otherwise stated);
  • Each must be written in English;
  • All pages must be formatted to fit on 8.5. x 11 inch paper with margins not less than 1” on every side, font not smaller than 12 point; and
  • The Full Application must include the Control Number issued by OCRA in the upper right corner of the header of every page, and page numbers must be included in the footer of every page.

If an FTP site is needed to submit full application files, please contact OCRA at NLC@ocra.in.gov to receive access to submit large files. Applicants are responsible for meeting each submission deadline. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their Letter of Intent and full applications in advance of the individual submission deadlines. Once the Letter of Intent or full application is submitted, applicants may revise their submission until the expiration of the applicable deadline.

OCRA urges applicants to review their letters of intent and full applications carefully and to allow sufficient time for the submission of required information and documents. All full applications that pass the initial eligibility review will undergo comprehensive merit review according to the criteria identified in Section II.E.

Applicants must submit a full application by the specified due date and time to be considered for funding under this announcement. Applicants must complete the following forms that accompany this document, in accordance with the instructions.

Files in excess of 20 MB in aggregate cannot be emailed and should be uploaded to the FTP site.

Program Dates

Application Issue DateDecember 10, 2019
LOI Informational Webinar - learn moreDecember 17, 2019
Deadline for Letters of Intent SubmissionFebruary 6, 2020
Full Application Informational webinar - learn moreFebruary 17, 2020
Deadline for Challenges Submission March 9, 2020
Expected Date for Challenge DecisionsApril 1, 2020
Submission Deadline for Full Applications May 26, 2020
Expected Date for SelectionsSeptember 15, 2020

All deadlines listed above include a 3 p.m. ET time deadline as well. 

Questions about this program and application? Email NLC@ocra.in.gov.