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Town of Corydon

Our goal for Corydon is to make it a place for all Generations to Grow, Live, and Thrive by revitalizing the community so that businesses will thrive, the quality of life will be increased, and more residents and visitors will be attracted to Corydon. The Stellar Designation helps Corydon become a leading community in the 21st Century. Because Corydon is a regional tourist destination, there is a unique opportunity to showcase Indiana and highlight Corydon as a pillar in Indiana’s historic profile. Every Stellar Project works toward the goals and objectives set out in the Corydon Comprehensive Plan, Main Street Downtown Focus Plan, and Hometown Collaboration Initiative (HCI) to overcome “brain drain,” provide for our aging population, improve our educational attainment, and focus on our historical assets. Our revitalization strategy includes projects that have been refined from early planning processes to create a strong community that makes sense for our future.

Corydon Comprehensive Plan Goals
The goals set out in the Corydon Comprehensive Plan reinforce the vision for Corydon as well as represent the top concerns of Corydon residents and business owners. Each Stellar Project helps Corydon attain one or more of these goals. For example, the Keller Site Mixed-Use Development works toward eight of the 10 goals.

Additionally, every goal can be checked off with each of our Stellar Projects, showing the diversity and range of their impacts.

  1. Provide quality housing options for all residents.
  2. Promote the health and revitalization of downtown Corydon.
  3. Support planned growth and development that serves the community.
  4. Promote the upkeep of public and private buildings and properties.
  5. Improve connectivity in Corydon through transportation.
  6. Encourage community facilities that increase recreational opportunities.
  7. Support workforce development in Corydon.
  8. Ensure infrastructure and utilities meet current and future needs.
  9. Promote business development that attracts jobs and economic growth.
  10. Preserve the historic features and character of Corydon.

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