Marina Slip Ratemaking

Ratemaking Process for Resorts and Marinas under Lease with the Department of Natural Resources


The purpose of Information Bulletin #20 (5th Amendment) is to implement an informal process for the administrative review of ratemaking recommendations for resorts and marinas under lease with the Department of Natural Resources.

The Division of Hearings was directed to INDEX, and place on the Commission's Website, findings and recommendations made under this information bulletin after August 1, 2003 through July 26, 2017. To promote equity and consistency, the Department and the Commission may consider these indexed findings and recommendations as precedents. To cite a particular set of findings and recommendations, please use the citation form below.

CITATION FORM: Petition for Rate Increase by [insert name of marina or resort] ([insert date of findings and recommendations)

Example: Petition for Rate Increase by Hoosier Hills Marina, Inc. (2003)