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Crash Risk Map

The Indiana Crash Risk Map is an interactive tool that predicts where crashes are likely to occur across the state of Indiana. Users have the ability to select a three hour time window throughout the current day and the map will update to depict areas of risk on roadways across the state. As the user zooms in, prior crash sites become visible to help pinpoint locations of risk within the area the user is interested in exploring.

The Indiana State Police and MPH are pleased to provide this powerful tool for the reduction and prevention of vehicle crashes on Indiana roadways.

Crash Risk Map Overview PDF

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In early 2016, the Indiana State Police identified a disturbing trend on Indiana’s roads. Crashes on state roads had been climbing since 2011. In particular, fatalities had sharply increased from 2014 to 2015.


The Indiana State Police called on MPH to create a solution that would allow first responders to proactively address rising crashes through the use of data. MPH analyzed the State’s data landscape and brought data together from the Indiana State Police, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and other publicly-available sources to create a map that predicts the likelihood of accidents across the entire state. The map is available to first responders and the public on the Indiana State Police website.

Crash Map


The map is being utilized by law enforcement and first responders to strategically allocate resources to anticipated areas of need, with the goal of reducing accident response time. With the power of data analytics, the Indiana State Police and MPH have created an award winning tool that will help to prevent car accidents and save Hoosier lives.

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