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Provider Addresses Used by the IHCP

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) maintains four unique addresses - home office address, mail-to address, pay-to address, and service location address - for each enrolled provider. With this flexibility, a provider may specify a different, or the same, address for different business situations.

Because four different address options exist, providers may be confused about what type of IHCP mail goes to each address. The following information will help alleviate confusion with regard to IHCP mailing addresses.

Provider Addresses Used by the IHCP

Type of mail Is mailed to...
Check (reimbursement) Pay-to address
General correspondence Mail-to address
Administrative fee listing Mail-to address
Member enrollment roster Pay-to address
Primary medical provider disenrollment letter Service location address

Please note that the IHCP uses the group's address if the communication relates to a provider who is a rendering practitioner with a group; the IHCP uses the individual practitioner's address if the communication relates to a provider who is a sole proprietor.

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