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How to Access Virtual Training

To Register

  • Be sure to register early for online training opportunities, because the number of participants per session is limited.
  • Register for the virtual training just as you would if you were attending the workshop in person − go to the Workshop Registration page on this site and select your preferred virtual training session.
  • If you would like hard copies of written training materials to refer to during the seminar, you may print them from presentation links on the class details page.

Register now via the online Workshop Registration page.

To Attend a Virtual Session

For the virtual training sessions, you will need a telephone and a computer.

  • To connect to the audio portion of the class:
    • Dial the telephone number for the class (see the class details page).
    • Enter the conference code for the class (see the class details page).
    • Once you access the conference on the telephone line, please mute your line by dialing *6.
    • The instructor will provide you with further instructions.
  • To access the virtual room on your computer:
    • Click the link for the class (see the class details page).
    • Enter the name of your group in the name field.
    • Click Go. You will see the presentation of the session you registered for.

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