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PA Status Information

Prior authorization (PA) status codes displayed on the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Provider Healthcare Portal (Portal) comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 278 transaction standards and provide only a high-level, standardized description of the actual working status of the PA request. PA status information reported through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is also only a high-level description. PA notification letters (also called PA decision letters), mailed to the provider and member, continue to provide the detailed administrative working status that more clearly explains the current status of the PA request.

The following table provides a crosswalk between the high-level standard responses reported on the Portal, on 278 transactions, and through the IVR system with the more detailed administrative working statuses associated with each standard response. The following table is intended to help providers understand the standardized HIPAA-compliant status responses they receive when conducting a PA inquiry. Providers should refer to their PA notification letters for additional information regarding the more detailed working status of a PA request.

HIPAA-Compliant PA Status Responses Crosswalked with Associated Administrative Working Statuses

PA Status in the PortalAction Code on the 278 PA TransactionPA Status in the IVRPA Status in Decision Letters
(with Clarification)
PA Status Code
Certified in TotalA1"...is approved."ApprovedA
Appr Thru Admin Rev (Approved through administrative review)Y
Appr/Contin of Serv (Approved for continuation of service)F
Auto Appr After 10 (Automatically approved after 10 days)Z
Dec Overturn by ALJ (Decision overturned by administrative law judge)C
Dis No Hearing Appr (Appeal dismissed, no hearing, request approved)S
Non-Cov Code Approve (Noncovered code, approved)B
ModifiedA5"...is modified."Dis No Hearing Mod (Appeal dismissed, no hearing, request modified)T
Mod Thru Court (Decision modified through court action)V
Mod/Contin of Serv (Modified for continuation of service)G
Mod Thru Admin Rev (Modified through administrative review)X
No Action RequiredNA"...is not assigned; request does not require PA."No PA requiredN
No PA Req for PMP (No PA required when requested by a PMP)O
Not CertifiedA3"...is denied."Dis No Hearing Den (Appeal dismissed, no hearing, request denied)U
Dec Upheld by ALJ (Decision upheld by administrative law judge)W
Den/Contin of Serv (Denied for continuation of service)H
Incorrect PMPQ
Non-Cov Code Denied (Noncovered code, denied)I
"...is rejected."RejectedR
PendedA4"...has been suspended for further information."Suspended (Suspended for further review)K
"...is pending written documentation."Pending (Pending receipt of required information)P

For more information about PA notification letters, see the Prior Authorization provider reference module.

For more information about accessing the Portal, 278 transaction, or IVR system to check PA status, see:

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