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COVID-19 Response Team

Heartland Community Services Foundation Covid-19 Response Team:

Timothy Baty

Timothy Baty has worked in Emergency Medical Services for 26 years as an EMT/Paramedic and is currently a contractual Wayne County COVID-19 Response Team leader. He lives in Muncie, Indiana, and is involved in the local volunteer fire department and aviation management.

Our contact tracers have been hired through Heartland Community Services Foundation, Inc. and work for the WCHD.  Our staff conduct case investigations of communicable diseases, including the tracing and monitoring of the COVID positive individuals and contacts of infected people to notify them of their exposure, including close contacts. Close contacts are considered anyone that the COVID positive individual was in contact with 48 hours before symptoms occurred as this is the most infectious period AND was closer than 6ft for more than 15 minutes. Through their case investigations and contact tracing, they help ensure the safe, sustainable, and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transmission.