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Summer Preparedness

As St. Joseph County heads into the summer, here is some information to help ensure you and your family can continue having fun in the sun!

General Summer Safety Tips: Summer Safety Tips | American Red Cross

Are you going on a picnic, hitting the poolside, or traveling away from home? Here is some information to take your summer to the next level!

Severe Summer Weather safety

  • Always check the weather for temperatures, rain, AND UV Index before going out
  • Always put on sunscreen from head to toe even if clothing is protecting the skin
  • Be cautious of weather alerts such as storms, tornados, or high winds
  • Immediately find shelter if any alerts do show to reduce chances of injury
Be prepared for weather emergencies...

Splash Pad and Pool safety

  • Stay out of the water if you or a family member are sick with diarrhea
  • Shower before getting in the water
  • Take kids on bathroom breaks and check diapers hourly!
  • DON’T swallow the water
  • DON’T pee or poop in water
  • DON’T sit or stand on jets as it can rinse poop off your butt
Before you splash...

Picnic and Barbeque food safety

  • Keep cold food cold to prevent bacterial growth
  • Don’t keep raw meats stored in the same cooler as other foods to prevent cross-contamination
  • Clean your fruits and veggies before packing them in your cooler
  • No running water? Bring a water jug, soup, and paper towels to keep your family’s hands clean!
Enjoy your grillout safely...
extreme heat

Extreme Heat safety

  • Wear appropriate clothing- light & breathable.
  • Stay in cooler areas such as indoors or shaded areas.
  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin.
  • Do not leave children or pets in cars even if A/C is on
  • Drink plenty of water and refrain from drinking sugary or alcoholic drinks.
Know the symptoms of heat-related illness...

Traveling safety

  • Always notify someone of where you are going before traveling
  • Depending on the area, ask your local doctor of any health risks in the area
  • Ask if you will need vaccines before traveling
  • Get a full check up before leaving to ensure you will travel in perfect health
  • Research online about any health concerns at destination
Safe and healthy travel starts with planning...

Hiking safety

  • Bring lots of water and some snacks to keep you hydrated and energized
  • Always wear hiking boots with socks
  • Hike with a buddy or group
  • Before hiking, apply tick spray to clothing to prevent any ticks from latching on
  • BRING A FIRST AID KIT. Pack a small bag with first-aid items
Gear up before your journey...