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How to Grow Super Bugs

A Scary Tale of How Germs Become Resistant

  1. Bad bacteria (not a virus) make you sick -- sore throat, fever, earache... whatever.
  2. Your doctor prescribes antibiotics. The medicine starts killing the bacteria, starting with the weakest cells. It can't really tell bad germs from your good germ-fighting cells, so it kills off some of those, too.
  3. You start to feel better after taking your medicine for a few days and you forget to take it.
  4. Oh no! The bigger, stronger bacteria have not been killed yet by the antibiotics! It only takes 20 minutes to a few hours for bacteria to double, triple, quadruple...
  5. It's the STRONGER bacteria that are taking over!
  6. And now your medicine won't work against the more numerous, stronger bacteria.