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2021 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleFile Name
1/7/2021This Power 50 comes in time of crisisHPI_20210107.pdf
1/14/2021Trump’s presidency collapsesHPI_20210114.pdf
1/28/2021Donnelly won’t rule out 2022 runHPI_20210128.pdf
2/4/2021Census data delay stalls redistrictingHPI_20210204.pdf
2/11/2021Schmuhl enters INDem chair raceHPI_20210211.pdf
2/18/2021The battle for the national GOP soulHPI_20210218.pdf
2/25/2021Indiana’s 2 centuries of racial tensionHPI_20210225.pdf
3/9/2021Indiana grapples with pandemic yearHPI_20210309.pdf
3/18/2021Chairman Shine on party evolutionHPI_20210318.pdf
3/25/2021Holcomb steers through virus gauntletHPI_20210325.pdf
4/1/2021Banks: GOP should seek working classHPI_20210401.pdf
4/8/2021Indiana’s ‘purple’ CD: 5thor the 1st?HPI_20210408.pdf
4/15/2021Deep into the ‘Super Majority’ eraHPI_20210415.pdf
4/22/2021A flush biennial budget like no otherHPI_20210422.pdf
4/29/2021Rokita enters Gov’s constitutional frayHPI_20210429.pdf
5/11/2021How police reforms passed without dissentHPI_20210511.pdf
5/20/2021Hupfer on Holcomb’s ‘triple slam dunk’HPI_20210520.pdf
6/8/2021Sen. Young’s Endless Frontier Act poisedHPI_20210608.pdf
6/17/2021Holcomb anything but a ‘lame duck’HPI_20210617.pdf
6/24/2021Pence’s precarious 2024 prospectsHPI_20210624.pdf
7/1/2021INDem tour ‘knocks the rust off’HPI_20210701.pdf
7/13/2021Clown car blocks pandemic tunnelHPI_20210713.pdf
7/22/2021Books recount Trump/Pence chaosHPI_20210722.pdf
7/29/2021What’s at stake for Jan. 6 panelHPI_20210729.pdf
8/5/2021Will Trump Hoosiers return to polls?HPI_20210805.pdf
8/12/2021Phase I of redistricting concludesHPI_20210812.pdf
8/24/2021McDermott takes aim at Sen. YoungHPI_20210824.pdf
8/31/2021COVID-18 is winning in IndianaHPI_20210831.pdf