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2018 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleFile Name
1/04/2018HPI Power 50: Indiana at a crossroadsHPI_20180104.pdf
1/11/2018The Hoosier civility sanctuaryHPI_20180111.pdf
1/18/2018A crucial GOP Senate race unfoldsHPI_20180118.pdf
1/25/2018The ‘pink wave’ forms in IndianaHPI_20180125.pdf
2/01/2018Braun shows momentum with $2.3MHPI_20180201.pdf
2/08/2018SEA80 crimping local meth productionHPI_20180208.pdf
2/15/2018A rare campaign for Senate successionHPI_20180215.pdf
2/27/2018Jittery Indiana weighs school safety, rightsHPI_20180227.pdf
3/08/2018Tariffs impact Indiana steel, agricultureHPI_20180308.pdf
3/15/2018Rokita will have big debate decisionHPI_20180315.pdf
3/22/2018Messer’s pitch to Trump/Pence baseHPI_20180322.pdf
3/29/2018Braun believes he can win Senate primaryHPI_20180329.pdf
4/05/2018Donnelly says Kochs seek to ‘buy’ seatHPI_20180405.pdf
4/12/2018Braun has big media ad buy advantageHPI_20180412.pdf
4/19/2018Rokita teeters as Messer makes Indy pushHPI_20180419.pdf
4/26/2018An utterly fluid GOP INSen race unfoldsHPI_20180426.pdf
5/03/2018INSen GOP primary: Anything can happenHPI_20180503.pdf
5/10/2018‘Outsider’ Braun completes his coupHPI_20180510.pdf
5-17-2018Bray completes Senate power transitionHPI_20180517.pdf
5/31/2018HPI Interview: Braun recounts his victoryHPI_20180531.pdf
6/07/2018HPI Interview: Brooks weighs safe schoolsHPI_20180607.pdf
6/14/2018HPI Horse Race: Braun/Donnelly tossupHPI_20180614.pdf
6/20/20182020 Democrat gubernatorial wide openHPI_20180620.pdf
7/10/2018Hill defiant in face of rare Holcomb miscueHPI_20180710.pdf
7/19/2018Coats center stage in Trump maelstromHPI_20180719.pdf
7/26/20182 years in to Mike Pence’s epic gambleHPI_20180726.pdf
8/02/2018Defining Hoosier wave elections, impacts08/09/2018HPI_20180802.pdf
8/09/2018Donnelly, Braun gird for INSen homestretchHPI_20180809.pdf
8/16/2018Delph’s challenge with suburban womenHPI_20180816.pdf
8/28/2018Banks: Trump holds in ‘phantom’ blue waveHPI_20180828.pdf
9/06/2018Donnelly has 3% lead in NBC/Marist PollHPI_20180906.pdf
9/13/2018Independent voters fleeing Trump, GOPHPI_20180913.pdf
9/20/2018Donnelly’s Supreme ‘September surprise’HPI_20180920.pdf
9/27/2018Horse Race: House Dems eye modest gainsHPI_20180927.pdf
10/04/2018Kavanaugh chaos creates INSen volatilityHPI_20181004.pdf
10/11/2018Kavanaugh chaos creates INSen volatilityHPI_20181011.pdf
10-18-2018Donnelly still in INSen driver’s seatHPI_20181018.pdf
10-25-2018Freakish events buffet mid-term racesHPI_20181025.pdf
11/01/2018Donnelly faces the full brunt of TrumpHPI_20181101.pdf
11/08/2018Trump, Kavanaugh effect bury DonnellyHPI_20181108.pdf
11/14/2018INGOP reaches its political, policy apexHPI_20181114.pdf
11/29/2018INDems ponder future after Donnelly lossHPI_20181129.pdf
12/06/2018Sen. Young surveys Saudis, tariffs, MuellerHPI_20181206.pdf
12/13/2018Indiana Senate race drew $110 millionHPI_20181213.pdf
12/20/2018Braun ready to dress up WashingtonHPI_20181220.pdf

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