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2013 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleFile Name
1/10/2013HPI Power 50: The Pence era beginsHPI130110.pdf
1/17/2013Inaugural challenges for Gov. PenceHPI130117.pdf
1/24/2013Gov. Pence: Persuasion, luck & alliesHPI130124.pdf
1/24/2013Pro-Life: Indiana political juggernautHPI130131.pdf
2/7/2013Poll shows support for Pence tax cutHPI130207.pdf
2/14/2013Medicaid: Billion dollar questionsHPI130214.pdf
2/21/2013Hoosier GOP pushes for sequesterHPI130221.pdf
2/28/2013Interlocking issues for Pence, AssemblyHPI130228.pdf
3/7/2013Obama reaches out to Coats, GOPHPI130307.pdf
3/20/2013Oz to Indiana: A Road Map showdownHPI130320.pdf
3/28/2013The gun battle arrives in IndianaHPI130328.pdf
4/4/2013Inside the Pence metric puzzleHPI130404.pdf
4/11/2013Pence is alpha on Medicaid courseHPI130411.pdf
4/18/2013Pence gets his tax cut forecast HPI130418.pdf
4/23/2013HPI Poll: Pence 10% tax cut stallsHPI130423.pdf
4/30/2013Pence says hybrid tax cut betterHPI130430.pdf
5/9/2013Doc Bowen and shifting politicsHPI130509.pdf
5/16/20131st Indiana forecast for 2014, 2016HPI130516.pdf
5/23/2013The imminent arrival of ObamacareHPI130523.pdf
6/6/2013Context in misappropriated fundsHPI130606.pdf
6/13/2013What is the price tag of controversy?HPI130613.pdf
6/20/2013GOP transition into mass exodusHPI130620.pdf
6/27/2013Politics and the power of mapsHPI130627.pdf
7/11/2013Coats skeptical of Obamacare repealHPI130711.pdf
7/25/2013Bosma contrasts Indiana with DCHPI130725.pdf
8/8/2013Hoosier Comet: Rise & fall of BennettHPI130808.pdf
8/15/2013Indiana delegation regaining lost cloutHPI130815.pdf
8/22/2013Stutzman, Young on 2 Obamacare pathsHPI130822.pdf
8/29/2013Metrics undermine the ‘Indiana miracle’HPI130829.pdf
9/5/2013HPI Interview: Pence in Obamacare eraHPI130905.pdf
9/12/201310 Years After: Frank O’Bannon in focusHPI130912.pdf
9/19/2013The GOP’s statewide office heartburnHPI130919.pdf
10/3/2013Our troubled Divided States of AmericaHPI131003.pdf
10/10/2013Berry faces GOP’s race to independentsHPI131010.pdf
10/17/2013Pulling back from the default abyssHPI131017.pdf
10/31/2013Defund politics: Internal GOP debateHPI131031.pdf
11/7/2013Infant mortality and conservativesHPI131107.pdf
11/14/2013Governor previews legislative goalsHPI131114.pdf
11/21/2013Indiana’s need for a health strategyHPI131121.pdf
12/5/2013Drs. Bucshon, Brown on ObamacareHPI131205.pdf
12/18/2013Gauging Pence’s first year, and nextHPI131218.pdf

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