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2009 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleKeywords / DescriptorsFile Name
1/8/2009Economic brink shapes HPI Power 50A Detroit 3 demise & tough budget shapes 2009 list; Chewing gum with Pat; Top 50; It's the perfect time for government reformHPR14z20.pdf
1/15/2009Three defining Daniels speechesGovernor competes with the Colts to lay out critical markers as an uncertain year commences; Obama: Transform or fail; Pence prepares for become Obama's loyal opposition; As heard and seen at an Indiana inaugural; Shepard vows to play role in foreclosure crisis; When government is stuck, then citizens must step up; Why Obama has to be the next Ike or FDR; Legacy of the Greatest GenerationHPR14z21.pdf
1/22/2009Obama speech did what he had to doNot his greatest speech, but the new president connected us to history, mapped a new course; Government reforms won't be party line votes; When there was standing room only; McVey challenges CW on Burton challenge; Good intentions don't always yield good ideas; Senate COmmittee weighs police pensions; The governor commands Spring to come forthHPR14z22.pdf
1/29/2009Jobs bust stressing Hoosier safety netWorkOne, FSSA, IDEM under intense scrutiny as Indiana economy takes body blow; One size fits all, but it doesn't fit counties; President Obama? Meet Mike Pence; Oh no! A party line stimulus vote in Congress; Parsing jobs numbers; Farmland assessments will keep increasing; What happens if Obama goes up in smoke?; The state of teen financial literacyHPR14z23.pdf
2/5/2009As Washington bickers, Hoosiers freezeObama warns of 'catastrophe' as stimulus plan stalls; What stimulus could do; Sustainable energy in the City of Firsts; Daniels administration rolling with the punches; Plouffe: How Obama turned Indiana blue; Partisan politics still grips WashingtonHPR14z24.pdf
2/12/2009The Obama-Pence showdown in IndianaIs a rescue coming? Or the beginning of the 2010 campaign?; Obama remembers Elkhart; Mike Pence just doesn't get it; Government reform debate taking place in the Indiana Senate; Kernan cites 400,000 without library services; Pork is in the eye of the beholderHPR14z25.pdf
2/19/2009Townships reforms under the gunGov. Daniels takes triple hit in Republican Senate; Souder critiques Obama; Burton leaves no doubt: 'I intend to win' in 2010; Second term for Parker; chair showdowns in Lake, LaPorte counties; Viewing HST in the wake of WhitmoreHPR14z26.pdf
2/26/2009Reform on emotion, not metricsSenate vote on township reform sees Democrats in caucus opposition; Obama and the blue dogs; Obama cues up his ambitious agenda; A 'transformational' governor? Hardly; Wither te Statehouse news media; Aboard Air Force One with President Obama; War didn't end the Great DepressionHPR14z27.pdf
3/5/2009Call to prepare for epic challengeSen. Waltz seeks 'Ex Com' as economic crisis turns into an 80 year event!; The greatest Speaker ever; President Obama's fork in the Iraq War road; Carl Brizzi surveys his political future; Sen. Buck flirts with the kiss of death; GOP governors say 'Yes we can'; Data detail of Hoosier distressHPR14z28.pdf
3/12/2009McDermott's Lake County gambleHammond mayor takes over Lake Democratic Party, backs Kernan-Shepard reforms; House amateur hour; Leader Psychology: Goodnight stays steady as Kokomo braces; The case stacks up against the status quo; We'll all pay for consolidation; Local government villification: R.I.P.; An open letter to Rep. John Boehner; If newspapers die, who will report?; Indiana keeps losing ground on wagesHPR14z29.pdf
3/26/2009Gov. Daniels: Into the vortexOn the brink of tumultuous month, Daniels surveys the budget, autos, caps and reforms; A party & progress; Democrats sans reforms; Not so fast, Louis; Passing on the stimulus? Are you kidding me?; When term limits become discredited; Chance's Spring crocuses; Only a few changes in major party chairsHPR14z30.pdf
4/1/2009Gauntlet facing our Auto StateBayh cautious on Obama budget vote, Visclosky in the crosshairs, HPR14z31.pdf
4/9/2009The Devil returns to CIB DetailsDemocratic Field begins to form in 2011, Playoffs and PayoffsHPR14z32.pdf
4/16/2009Change Dems don’t Believe inShame of Indiana, The most surreal statehouse tax dayHPR14z33.pdf
4/23/2009Daniels, Bauer crisis showdownMitch Daniels, Pat Bauer, Todd Rokita, election, HPR14z34.pdf
4/30/2009Bauer budget bust:  No he can'tPat Bauer, wages, Special session, Chrysler, Notre Dame, HPR14z35.pdf
5/7/2009Revising Statehouse Power ListRichard Lugar, Pakistan, nuclear arsenal, Theresa Lubbers, Roy DominguezHPR14z36.pdf
6/11/2009General Assembly returns to realityRichard Mourdock, Vi Simpson, optimistic, superintendents concerned, Epsich, money, students, Luke Kenley, budget, Pat Bauer, David Long, Baron Hill, Obama's DC, Brose McVey, Dan Burton, Dan Stockton, Brad Ellsworth, deal on elected judges, urban gateways, HPR14z39.pdf
6/17/2009As reforms wane, issues shift locallyKokomo, Greenwood, Muncie, Brown County, Chris Chocola, political capital for mayor, Indiana Libertarians, CIB bailout, Gaming, Family Social Services Administration, Richard Lugar, foreign policy, HPR14z40.pdf
6/25/2009Budget brinksmanship at StatehouseMitch Daniels, president, Pat Bauer, 5th Congressional District, Richard Lugar, WMDHPR14z41.pdf
7/1/2009Daniels signs tormented budgetSchool, Jonathan Weinzapfel, taxes, Cash for clunkers, Richard MourdockHPR14z42.pdf
7/9/2009Legislature a shallow talent poolLegislature, Sarah Palin, HPR14z43.pdf
7/23/2009A 'revolution' begins…next weekHealth, education, jobs report, Greg Goodnight, Scott SchneiderHPR14z44.pdf
7/30/2009Is Sen. Bayh 'invincible' in 2010Tony Bennett, Blue dogs, tuition reduction, HPR14z46.pdf
8/13/2009Hoosier town halls take civil turnIndiana Senate races, John Mutz endorses Mike MurphyHPR15a01.pdf
8/20/2009Sodrel ponders 5th race vs. HillTom Hayhurst, Health reforms, card check, EFA, HPR15a02.pdf
8/27/2009Debt, death, violence and realityBobby Knight, HPR15a03.pdf
9/3/2009HPI's 'Hot 25' House races in '10Billboards, Ed Schultz, IDEA, HPR15a04.pdf
9/10/2009Obama seeks health consensusTodd Rokita, redistricting, jobsHPR15a05.pdf
9/17/20092011 recession shock for city hallsMike Murphy, health, Marlin StutzmanHPR15a06.pdf
9/24/2009Bayh surveys reform in SenateTodd Rokita, Richard Lugar, Barack Obama, Afghanistan, Todd Young, health, Mitch DanielsHPR15a07.pdf
10/8/2009Dead Hand:  Cold War hot flashesJackie Warlosky, Joe DonnellyHPR15a08.pdf
10/15/2009Senate kings, queens on reformsDan Dumezich, Luke Messer, Mike Murphy, Dan BurtonHPR15a09.pdf
10/21/2009Too early to gauge FSSA falloutEvan BayhHPR15a10.pdf
10/29/2009Bayh a central figure in health dramatax cap, Dan Burton, Todd RokitaHPR15a11.pdf
11/12/2009A courage vote; withering responseHealth reforms, Evan BayhHPR15a13.pdf
11/19/2009HPI's All-Political Hoops All-StarsHurrican flags, Mitch Daniels, Vi Simpson, education reformHPR15a14.pdf
12/3/2009Obama's Afghan brinksmanshipMedicaid, ISTA, securities complaintHPR15a15.pdf
12/10/2009Hostettler returns; Sodrel next?Evan Bayh, health, HPI decisionHPR15a16.pdf
12/17/20092009 leaves a stamp on Hoosier soulMitch Daniels, John Hostettler, Baron Hill, Pat BauerHPR15a17.pdf

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