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2007 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleKeywords / DescriptorsFile Name
1/11/2007The new faces of Hoosier powerHPR 's top 50 most powerful people in indiana,HPR1320.pdf
1/18/2007Clinton, Bayh on giving up the shipClinton Bayh talk about pulling out of Iraq, also Obama out to prove star power is for real.HPR1321.pdf
1/25/2007Our Politics of personal destructionThe results of negative campaigning, also this issue, National GOP attacks HillHPR1322.pdf
2/1/2007Young surveys '08 governor fieldpolitical profile of Richard Young, also this issue, Walter Payton (Colts Bears Superbowl) The presidency and fuel.HPR1323.pdf
2/8/2007Legislature driving tax reformAlso this issue, Mayoral races across Indiana, Matt Kelty against government consolidationHPR1324.pdf
2/15/2007Obama launches in Lincoln landObama's bid for the presidency, Political blogging, weekly briefing on Indiana politicsHPR1325.pdf
2/22/2007Nuance of war in ''no man's land''Souder skeptical Iraq troop surge will work as British pull out, Hoosier Democrats cautious about Iraq funding, Job market in IndianaHPR1326.pdf
3/1/2007Schellinger a ''consensus'' DemocratPolitical profile of Jim Schellinger, also this issue, the cigarette tax, Mayoral roundup.HPR1327.pdf
3/8/2007Dems in '08: Three to get ready3 democrats enter into gubernatorial race, also this issue, Rudolph Giuliani in midwest, interview with Libby juror Denis CollinsHPR1328.pdf
3/15/2007Long on new power in the Senate3 women elected to Senate, also this issue, 2007 gubernatorial race updateHPR1329.pdf
3/22/2007Schellinger declares; JLT leans inSchellinger throws in hat in gubernatorial race, also this issue, Indiana Representatives debate spending in IraqHPR1330.pdf
3/29/2007Governors funk in NIMBYlandDaniels drops the indiana commerce connector and Illiana Expressway plan, also, The politics of marriage, Andy Horning drops out of governor and Congressional racesHPR1331.pdf
4/12/2007Market to massacre in flak jacketTroule with the Iraq war, Indiana soldier is killed, also, Sate of employment in Indiana, Mayoral race updateHPR1332.pdf
4/19/2007Kelty beginning to surge at the FortKelty leading mayoral race for Fort Wayne, Interview with Brad Ellsworth on IraqHPR1333.pdf
4/26/2007Analyzing the legislature's 11th hourAlso this issue, Romney on Iraq war, Our leaders in denial about Iraq, Obama cites Lugar on WMDs 2007 mayoral race updateHPR1334.pdf
5/1/2007The best ''listening'' session ever?General assembly passes cigarette tax hike, also, 2007 mayoral race updateHPR1335.pdf
5/10/2007Peterson would support a Con-ConPeterson would support constitutional convention to update government, also, fact vs. fiction: Indy work reforms, interview with Murray ClarkHPR1336.pdf
5/17/2007Peterson: Indy privatization workedAlso this issue, Lugar calls out Bush on energy policy, Interview with James Brainard, Bayh seeks compromise and negotiations about Iraq, John Edwards in Indiana.HPR1337.pdf
5/24/2007Schellinger seeks cash; JLT issuesJill long Thompson proposes suspension of gasoline tax, Al Qaeda winning war in Afghanistan, Hill vs. Sodrel on Iraq warHPR1338.pdf
6/7/2007Kelty's campaign finance meltdownAlso this issue, Supreme court ruling could change campaign finance laws, 2008 gubernatorial raceHPR1339.pdf
6/14/2007Juan Manigualt: GOP's best hope?Manigault running to become first Republican mayor of South Bend since 1963, Gen. lute on the Iraq surgeHPR1340.pdf
6/21/2007Gov. Mitch making his major moveDaniels listens and talks about issues on campaign trail, 2007 mayoral race update, Interview with Mitch Daniels on upcoming campaignHPR1341.pdf
6/27/2007Lugar moves Iraq center of gravityLugar discusses the problem in Iraq, also, 2007 mayoral update, Obama coming to IndianaHPR1342.pdf
7/12/2007Tax crisis faces Indiana's power trioDaniels, Bauer, Peterson blamed for tax increase, also, Democrats campaigning to become next governor, Is Obama the frontrunner for Democratic nomination?HPR1343.pdf
7/19/2007Big Bang II: Taxes & ideas evolutionDaniels opts to reconstruct state local and school government, Lugar on IraqHPR1344.pdf
7/26/2007Ugly mood (and an accommodation)Tax revolts, also, Democrats campaigning for gubernatorial seat, Sen. Lugar and Bayh on Nuclear arsenalsHPR1345.pdf
8/9/2007Politics of FSSA privatizationIndiana has a long history of outsourcing; Dems question profit motive; Hill finds niche in fuel bill; Campaigns in blunder mode as public wields pitchforks; Unprecedented joint statement from Daniels, Bauer and Long; A Hoosier changing historyHPR1401.pdf
8/16/2007The Marshall ConstitutionDavid J. Bennett's book describes Governor's 1922-12 attempt to leave the 19th Century behind; Matt Kelty's stunning fall; Townships under the gun; The property tax repeal is picking up steam; It's time for Indiana to get rid of property taxes; Crooks fear Hillary effectHPR1402.pdf
8/23/2007To Russia… with Lugar, Nunn1995 presidential campaign echoes as Lugar heads east; Lugar (or Nunn) in '08; Kernan-Shepard Commission lays out timeline, scenarios; Township Association sees 'same fight, new arena'; CD incumbents fights low Congressional ratingHPR1403.pdf
9/7/2007Nunn-Lugar's war against WMDHistoric act carves up chemicals & nukes, but as Moscow rises, how long will it last?; Nunn mulls '08 dialogue; nuclear weaponsHPR1404.pdf
9/13/2007As Hoosier blood flows…Politicians in Washington ponder the contradictions with the Iraq War surge; Focus on accountability; Bayh quizzes Petraeus, Crocker in committee; Now or never for challengersHPR1405.pdf
9/20/2007Indiana' antiestablishment eraBoth 2007 and 2008 could be brutal for the status quo; Reduce property taxes?; Hill, Bayh respond to property tax cries with legislation; Health care strengthens Hillary and GOP campaignsHPR1406.pdf
9/27/2007Clinton-Bayh chain reactionBayh endorsement could impact entire 2008 Indiana ballot; It will all come to Iowa; Two property tax proposals floated as governor mulls options; Speaker Bauer's nightmare week; Democratic frontrunners pass on 2013 Iraq pullout deadlineHPR1407.pdf
10/4/2007Dem candidates at HPR ForumJoint appearance for Thompson, Schellinger, LG Skillman to follow; Cillizza will keynote; Sen. Young into a vacuum; Indiana Chamber statewide poll shows severity of tax problem; Julia Carson's health; Debt collection can add to strained government coffers; Dems out raise GOP nearly 2-1HPR1408.pdf
10/11/2007Sodrel vs. Hill: Blood Feud 4.0War, Bush & Clinton will have an impact; Time to tax the Internet; Daniels promises same vigor on govt tax reform; Dating Iowa, the first week in JanuaryHPR1409.pdf
10/18/2007Rep. Souder & the Kelty fiascoEndorsement pulled for a campaign that is taking the cake; Government from scratch; Daniels has a tax plan that will seek 'permanence; Clinton, Obama get Indiana boostsHPR1410.pdf
10/25/2007Daniels' tax 'gauntlet' in grinderWithout report from Kernan-Shepard, only half the picture; GOP rebuke of gay bash; Schellinger, JLT articulate coming campaign themes; Cillizza sizes up the presidential fieldHPR1411.pdf
11/1/2007Peterson taxed in the crosshairsReaction to property taxes has mayor fighting for political life; The G-man's plan fans; Municipal elections and property taxes; His make or break issue at hand, Gov. Daniels pushes the arrogance limits, Blood in the waterHPR1413.pdf
11/7/2007Upset City: Ballards shock wave15 incumbent mayors fall across the state, also this issue,  Ballard shocks Peterson,HPR1414.pdf
11/15/2007Our reforms for Kernan-ShepardKernan-Shepard look to reform State government, also this issue, Bush visited New AlbanyHPR1415.pdf
11/29/2007Bad city omens for Daniels re-electCities that had big economic gains tossed out incumbent mayors, also, political internet bloggers next big thingHPR1416.pdf
12/6/2007Miller: no plans to run ''at this time''also this issue, political profile: Rudy Giuliani,HPR1417.pdf
12/13/2007We've got to stop governing like thisKernan-Shepard on political reform. Also this issue, Obama campaigning in IowaHPR1418.pdf
12/20/2007We grew up as a city with Julia CarsonPolitical profile: Julia Carson, also, Understanding the Iowa caucuses, Property taxesHPR1419.pdf

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