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2006 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleKeywords / DescriptorsFile Name
1/5/2006Change agents, anti-incumbency shape HPR's 50 most influential listDan Burton, Jack Abramoff, money, charity, Brian Bosma, prayer, Troy Woodruff, abortion, telecommunications, Chris Chocola, IraqHPR1219.pdf
1/15/2006Daniels talks reform; press highlights tax hikeAlso in this issue Interview with Mitch DanielsHPR1220.pdf
1/19/2006Garton coming to grips with political volcanoThe cost of healthcare based on the states health insurance plan; cut funding lead to job exodus?HPR1221.pdf
1/26/2006Budak, Neese on the major moves hot seatWeak Republicans are needed to vote in favor of Daniels 3.8 billion dollar lease on the toll roadHPR1222.pdf
2/2/2006With major moves, resettling the equationDaniels garners support for toll road lease, Interview with mayor Richard, Gov split on ISTEPHPR1223.pdf
2/9/2006Can Garton be defeated? Coriden makes his case36 year Senator challenged for seat; also, Lugar on the War in Iraq and Evan Bayh on laborHPR1224.pdf
2/12/2006Retirement wave subdued but the locals are comingLocal officials seeking retirement due to cut of state health insurance also Mitch Daniels on major moves and Evan Bayh on foreign policyHPR1225.pdf
2/23/2006Hoosier xenophobia nationalizing over portsReaction to deal with Dubai to trade with Hoosier ports, also, Bayh on Dubai deal and interview with Rep. SodrelHPR1226.pdf
3/2/2006Major moves passes SenateDaniels transportation plan passes senate, also, Bayh on gas prices and Bush's popularityHPR1227.pdf
3/9/2006The major moves Star WarsTransportation bill meets resistance, also, interview with chairman Dan Parker, Bush's number sag, and Evan Bayh on early springHPR1228.pdf
3/16/2006GOP's finest hourTransportation Bill passes, also, analysis of this session, Hoosiers and globalization, Lugar on Global warmingHPR1229.pdf
3/23/2006"Bring Em on"Bush's visit to Indiana contrary to low approval ratings, also, Bayh to New Hampshire  and Mayor King ResignationHPR1230.pdf
3/30/2006Immigrant WarsImmigration in Indiana, also, interview with Andy Jacobs Jr., Bayh works New Hampshire and passing over timeHPR1231.pdf
4/13/2006Had enough? A wave developsPoll shows Baron Hill up 10 percent, $3 gas,immigration dilemma and war, interview with Todd Rokita, Bayh talks securityHPR1232.pdf
4/20/2006War Republicans stay the courseRepublicans continue to support war in Iraq, also, interview with Mike Pence, Bayh raises 10 million dollars, Rise of latino power in IndianaHPR1233.pdf
4/27/2006How deep will voter anger be?Hoosiers respond to negative campaign adds/ tax hike, also Bayh on alternative energy sources.HPR1234.pdf
5/4/2006The flogging of Senate hubristrouble with voting numbers, also, Senate leadership battle, Bayh on electoral college, Donelly vs. Chocola and gun control groupsHPR1235.pdf
5/18/2006House Battle: Vision vs. AngerHPR will monitor 27 house seats as parties fight for power, also, Immigration as top issue and Bayh seeks the centerHPR1236.pdf
5/25/20063 Congressional seats in playAlso, Bayh on moderate course, Daniels in DC, Horse Race: Pearson vs. RokitaHPR1237.pdf
6/1/2006Sore Dems search for soulDemocrats in favor of Transportation Bill, also this issue, Interview with Sen. SimpsonHPR1238.pdf
6/8/2006A step back from nightmareDemocrats rally against Daniels, War in Iraq and Daylight savings timeHPR1239.pdf
6/15/2006Peterson leans to '07 re-electPeterson leaning towards running for re-election in 2007HPR1240.pdf
6/22/2006GOP defiant (but worried)Republicans worried about loss of congressional seatsHPR1241.pdf
6/29/2006Daniels' Jobs MotherlodeHonda, major moves cap stunning weekHPR1242.pdf
7/13/2006Is Bayh the anti-Hillary?Bayh could challenge Hillary for presidential nod in 08HPR1243.pdf
7/20/2006A Bizarre tsunami epicenterRepublicans worry about losing control of three seats in HouseHPR1244.pdf
7/27/2006Dem poll gains; no sale yetDemocrats ahead in polls in Northern IndianaHPR1245.pdf
8/10/2006Democrats step on the gasDemocrats call for investigation on price gouging by gasoline retailersHPR1301.pdf
8/17/2006Gov. Bayh, 10 years laterHow have the governor and Evan Bayh changed in 10 yearsHPR1302.pdf
8/24/2006Buyer: War "Beyond 5 years"Steve Buyer campaigns for better equipment for U.S. Soldiers in IraqHPR1303.pdf
8/31/2006The Pro Tem dealIn 1980, a deal by Harrison & Gorton shaped power for yearsHPR1304.pdf
9/14/2006GOP at Bush's precipiceBush's decision to go to war having negative effect on Hoosier RepublicansHPR1306.pdf
9/21/2006Bush uptick, but Donnelly upBush's and GOP ratings plummet nationally/ in Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly leading in pollsHPR1307.pdf
9/28/2006The 9/11 states craft of RoemerPolitical profile of Roemer also this issue Bayh's 14 trips to Iowa and HPR forum AgendaHPR1308.pdf
10/5/2006GOP's "weekends Horribilus"3 CD seats shift towards Democrats also this issue, The Foley fallout in 8of 9 CD'sHPR1309.pdf
10/12/2006The metrics of Pence, RoemerHeros of flight 93 (September 11) also Lugar surveys Axis of Evil and Bayh gains from Warners exitHPR1310.pdf
10/19/2006Indiana's runaway congressmanPolitical profile John Hostettler, also this issue Barack Obama comes to Indy, Interview of Birch Bayh, and house scorecard 51R-45DHPR1311.pdf
10/26/2006Five Indiana CDs fully in playIf Republican incumbents lose Control of House could shift to Democrats, also this issue Mayor Richard says no to 08, House scorecard 50R-50D, court upholds auto dialer banHPR1312.pdf
11/2/2006Iraq: a four letter word in CD racesDemocrats barely mention central issue of Iraq in 06 elections, also this issue, Sautter preparing for recountsHPR1313.pdf
11/9/2006GOP apocalypse: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq3 democrats ride Iraq issue into Congress, also this issue 2006 election stories, Midterms good for BayhHPR1314.pdf
11/16/2006Indiana House post-mortemDemocrats gain control of House, also this issue Mayoral 2007 roundup, Hill, Donnelly, Ellsworth in DCHPR1315.pdf
11/30/2006Lugar exits chair amid Iraq chaosAlso this issue, Legacy of a governor, Mayor Burke awaits a democrat, Democrats aim at FSSA reformsHPR1316.pdf
12/7/2006Hamilton Bayh and Iraq disasterIndiana congressmen speak out against Iraq war, also this issue, Democrats aim at FSSA reformsHPR1317.pdf
12/14/2006Gov. Daniels and a future viewDaniels 190th statehood address, also this issue, Reforming state country, government, Bayh has a lot of NH friendsHPR1318.pdf
12/20/2006End of the 20th century politicsTechnology and young people to play a key role in future elections, also this issue, Feds OK FSSA contractHPR1319.pdf

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