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2005 Howey Political Report

DateHeadline ArticleKeywords / DescriptorsFile Name
1/6/2005Monument Circle Fulcrum: Hoosier revolutionaries Daniels, Peterson head 2005 HPR 50 Most Influential ListIDEC, Mitch Daniels, toll road, Mike Murphy, slots bill, Larry Aiken, Vanderburgh Democrats, David Donahue, Department of Corrections,HPR1118.pdf
1/13/2005Daniels commences tearing down, rebuilding the Hoosier 'hot-wired barn'Tim Roemer, Joe AndrewHPR1119.pdf
1/21/2005Daniels revolution off in controversyGeorge W. Bush, Bart PetersonHPR1120.pdf
1/27/2005Family values, legislative 'bobble heads,' and an embattled new GovernorMike SodrelHPR1121.pdf
2/3/2005Gov. Daniels preparing to take his appeal back out on the roadTim Roemer, Chris Chocola, energyHPR1122.pdf
2/10/2005$98 million lobbyist throws a spiral, makes a point in the taxed HouseJeff Espich, health careHPR1123.pdf
2/17/2005Flying monkeys in an Escher print: Seeking Statehouse power boundariessocial security, health care, marriage, taxHPR1124.pdf
2/24/2005Daniels, Peterson preparing for 2007, 2008 re-election campaignssocial securityHPR1125.pdf
3/3/2005A really futile and stupid gesture'Mitch DanielsHPR1126.pdf
3/10/2005Visclosky blocks Lake County remake, endorses StiglichCharlie White, Mitch DanielsHPR1127.pdf
3/17/2005Cherry Master are coming (to a legislature near you)Randall Shephard, Mitch Daniels, Lee MorrisHPR1128.pdf
3/24/2005Daniels optimistic about jobs, DST, and a table full of optionsBosma, Mitch DanielsHPR1129.pdf
4/7/2005A Hoosier Tax ApocalypseLarry Borst, Luke Kenley, Robert Meeks, finances, Brian Bosma, Indianapolis Works, Robert Alderman, Win Moses, Robert Meeks, legalized gamingHPR1130.pdf
4/14/2005The Hoosier Meth Crisisbudget, Evan BayhHPR1131.pdf
4/21/2005Clay defeats Stiglich; Mayor King bolts DemocratsBilly Bright, Terry HoltHPR1132.pdf
4/28/2005Capitulation Week, Part 1: Daniels to sign unbalanced budgetBart Peterson, stadium, Bruce WisselHPR1133.pdf
5/4/2005Mitch's Triumph: The Devil's in the Detailseducation, Bart PetersonHPR1134.pdf
5/11/2005Indiana's Property Tax Dilemma and 2006gay marriageHPR1135.pdf
5/18/2005Budget ramifications ablazeMitch Daniels, Indianapolis Works, BMVHPR1136.pdf
6/2/2005Tanking GOP poll numbers fuel Democrat recruitmentstem cell, IraqHPR1137.pdf
6/9/2005Taxing the Salad DaysTim Roemer, Richard Lugar, Evan BayhHPR1138.pdf
6/16/2005Garton's Hope defense wins alpha showdownBart Peterson, George W. BushHPR1139.pdf
6/23/2005Communitarian GOP vs. the 'anti-Big Tent' rightEric MillerHPR1140.pdf
6/30/2005Iraq War poised as top '06 election issue; Bush recastsIndianapolis Works, stadium, budget, I-69HPR1141.pdf
7/14/2005With Bush at Black Expo, Daniels seeks inroadsBaron HillHPR1142.pdf
7/28/2005Daniels to join Chief Justice at HPR Forum on Oct. 4Mike SodrelHPR1143.pdf
8/11/2005Health, energy costs putting locals on property tax edgealso this issue, Bayh, Souder targeting Chinese trade practicesHPR1201.pdf
8/18/2005The 'Oil presidency' not up to energy challengeLugar on Bush's energy bill, also, J. Robert Dailey's Legacy, Kernan calls for tax reformsHPR1202.pdf
8/25/2005Daniels gets B+ in HPR's six month report cardalso this issue, HPR interview with Kathy Davis, Baghdad report from Capt. JeffersHPR1203.pdf
9/1/2005Sheriff Ellsworth takes aim at controversial HostettlerBrad Ellsworth gains congressional race, also, Daniels on gas taxHPR1204.pdf
9/8/2005The pending 2006 politics of Pandoras boxPolitical issued revolve around War, Hurrican Katrina and energyHPR1205.pdf
9/15/2005Gov. Daniels on Government reform: "we need to discuss"also, interview with Baron Hill,Hostettler on KatrinaHPR1206.pdf
9/22/2005Is Sen. Harrison planning for his last hurrah in 06?This may be Sen. Harrisons final campaign, also, IACT working on new tax relief plan, Fed's reject time changesHPR1207.pdf
9/29/2005A Hoosier Chief Justice; Bayh declines to confirmBayh denies John Roberts Chief justice position, also this issue, Souder slams Bush on Meth, HPR poll shows support for Con-ConHPR1208.pdf
10/6/2005Gov. Daniels exposes the "new fault lines in politics''Daniels trying to reform political parties, also this issue, Sen. Miller pulls repro billHPR1209.pdf
10/13/20056,000 Frozen Donuts on Election EveCoast confident in Miers conformations, Capt. Jeffers Surveys the WarHPR1210.pdf
10/27/2005Parker predicting deluge of legislative challengers for '06Parker predicts that challengers for General assembly will rise, also this issue, Indiana's leading employersHPR1211.pdf
11/3/2005Bayh gets mixed reviews after second New Hampshire stumpalso this issue, what Bayh must do to win, Donnelly seeking attentionHPR1212.pdf
11/10/2005Government reforms begin to take shape in Indianapolis, EvansvilleAlso this issue, Township government studied by IU, Kokomo faces worried future, Bayh raises 7.8 millionHPR1213.pdf
11/17/2005The triumph of inertiaSplit GOP defeating reforms, also this issue, Food stamp rates surge, Bayh, Lugar advocate energy independenceHPR1214.pdf
11/29/2005A debate about Bush's war and the 2006 impactalso this issue, Thompson on SD23,HPR1215.pdf
12/8/2005Lugar urges Bush to elevate Iraq dialogueAlso this issue, Hill says he was ''misled'' on war, Bayh regrets 2002 war voteHPR1216.pdf
12/15/2005Party of Lincoln rejects Randolph in Circle CityRandolph loses election for city council, also this issue, Farm Bureau wants tax reform,HPR1217.pdf
12/20/2005The Amnesty EditionPolitical year in review:2005HPR1218.pdf

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