1912 Richmond Railroad Album

1912 Richmond Railroad Album Collection
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Finding Aid by: Erica Sgroi, April 2013


Biographical Note or Organizational History:

In 1910, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad was built from the southwest corner through the northwest corner of Indiana to connect Ohio to the hub of Chicago.

"C&O Historical Society: History." Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society. Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc, n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2013.

Scope and Content:

This collection consists of a photo album, which includes photos of the Richmond Railroad being built in Kentucky and various photos of families, pets, homes, and vacation spots.

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Collection Inventory

Folder and Item Listing:

Folder 1. 1912 Richmond Railroad Album

1912 “She was a Hummer” Ad
1912 “She is a Hummer” Ad
1912 Photo of Cabinets from the Wabash School Furniture Co.
1912 “Baldwin Borrow Pit”
1912 “Mier Fill” in Mier, Indiana
1912 “Cross Over”
1912 “Baldwin Borrow Pit”
1912 “Grade Reduction Medford, Indiana”
1912 “Grade Reduction”
1912 “Medford Fill”
1912 “Grade Reduction”
1912  “Marion Shovel at Medford Cut”
1912 “Concrete Arch” near Blountsville, Photo includes: J.L. Dillard and J.H. Titus
1912 “Raising C&O Track at Blountsville, Ind.”
1912 “Delaware Courthouse”
1912 “J.L. Dillard, J.H. Titus”
1912 “Grade Reduction, C&O Ry of Ind.”
1912 “Passenger Station” Muncie, IN
1912 Photo of two dogs, labeled Speck and Lady
1912 “West Approach Tunnel”
1912 “A High Till on Winchester-Irvine Line, Louisville & Nashville Line, 1912-1913
1912 “A Partly Finished Cut
1912 “Bucyrus Shovel Up-set, L. & N.R.R. Winchester”
1912 “Bucyrus Shovel Up-set, Winchester-Irvine Line”
1912 Photo of two men looking at the wheel of an engine
1912 Photo of a high till
1912 “West Approach Conkwright Tunnel”
1912 “Bucyrus Shovel at Work”
1912 “Marion Shovel Moving to Next Cut”
1912 “Birds Eye View of Conkwright Camp”
1912 “High Rock Fill on Louisville & Nashville”
1912 “Half-Mile Trestle on Louisville & Nashville”
1912 “Our Old Kentucky Home”
1912 “Looking West from Tunnel”
1912 “Bucyrus Shovel and Crew”
1912 Photo of man with two dogs, labeled Speck and Lady
1912 “Home of J.O. Smithers”
1912 “Office – Commissary – Sappy House”
1912 “Compressor Plant”
1912 “High Rock Fill”
1912 Photo of a man, woman, and a small child, no labels
1912 “An Old Log House in Kentucky – 100 yrs Old”
1912 “Showing  High Fill on the L&N New Line”
1912 “Let the Women do the Work in Kentucky”
1912 “An Old Landmark in Kentucky”
1912 A Landscape View of the Kentucky Hills”
1912 “Rock Cut”
1912 “Scene on Winchester-Irvine Line”
1912 “West Abutment and Pedestals Dry Fork Viaduct”
1912 “Another Rock Cut”
1912 “Pedestals for Viaduct across Dry Fork”
1912 “Lover’s Leap on Win-Irvine Line”
1912 Photo of four people sitting outside of a log building
1912 Photo of a man, woman and two children
1912 “Bill and Ella”
1912 “Mildred Smithers”
1912 Photo of a woman with a dog
1912 Family photo – man, a woman, with four children
1912 Man farming with horse and plow
1912 Man with Dog
1912 Two women and two men, one small child sitting in a circle
1912 Photo of a dog
1912 Photo of a woman reading with a cat by her side
1912 Photo of a man and a woman
1912 Family photo sitting outside a fence
1912 Woman with a baby and a dog
1912 Young boy with a dog
1912 Woman with two dogs
1912 “A Half-Mile Trestle to be Filled in with Rock”
1912 Three Women, one man, a baby and a dog sitting in a train car
1912 “Another View of the Half-Mile Trestle”
1912 Several men, women, a baby and a dog sitting on rocks
1912 “North Abutment Howard’s Creek Bridge”
1912 Women posing on a pile of rocks
1912 “Approach to Conkwright Tunnel”
1912 “A Train Ready to be Loaded”
1912 “A Deep Cut on the L&N New Line”
1912 “Steam Shovel Loading a Train of Cars”
1912 “Train of Cars Being Dumped on Trestle”
1912 “Steam Shovel Loading a Train of Cars”
1912 “Another Dumping Scene”
1912 “A Train Dumping its Cars from 40 foot Trestle”
1912 “Approach Conkwright Tunnel”
1912 “Speck”
1912 “Maj. Trimble Dr. Dillard”
1912 “Drill Gang at Work”
1912 “Ethel” and “Ella”
1912  Woman with two young girls and a dog
1912 “Speck” and “Lady”
1912 Photo of a dog
1912 “Bucyrus 60-C Shovel Cut Out”
1912 “A Field of Growing Tobacco in Kentucky”
1912 “Bucyrus 60-C Shovel”
1912 “East Abutment Dry Fork Viaduct”
1912 “Mamma”
1912 Bags of wheat
1912 “Mother”
1912 Chickens
1912  “The Beautiful Shenandoah River”
1912 Photo of two women
1913 “Papa at Orkney Springs – 8/31/13”
1912 “Auto at High Speed on Natl. Road”
1912 “Shenandoah Mills”
1913 “The Dangerous ‘S’ Turn on Orkney Springs Pike 8/31/13”
1913 “Mamma Sept. 1st, 1913”
1913 “View of Shenandoah Mills, Mt. Jackson, Va.”
1913  “Minnie – Sept. 1,  1913”
1912 “Tobacco Growing in Kentucky”
1912 “Ernest at Orknet [sic] Springs”
1912 “Part of the Orkney Springs Hotel”
1913 “Paul – Sept. 1, 1913”
1913 “One of the Springs at Orkney 8/31/13”
1912 “Compressor Building”
1912 “Southern Railway Bridge at Mt. Jackson”
1912 Photo of two young women
1912 “Ella” and “Ethel”
1912 “Papa in his working clothes”
1912 “Commissary and Office – L&N Work”
1912 “Ernest” and “Paul”
1912 “Another View of Our Old Kentucky Home”
1912  Photo with writing around the edges, with a little boy
1912 Page with four family photos
1912 “Ethel Harbour” and “Oda Bryan”
1914 “Papa – Christmas 1914”
1912 “Guy Roach, Jr.”

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 1 Album
Collection Dates: 1912-1914
Provenance:  Thomas Hamm
Access: The Collection is Open for Research Use
Restrictions:  None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript and Rare Books Division, Indiana State Library.
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