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Orion A. Bartholomew
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 Finding Aid by: Sarah Pfundstein, September 2012


Biographical Note:

Orion Alexander Bartholomew was born September 4, 1837 in Danville, Indiana. His parents were Dr. B. and Harriet T. (Ward). He attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN graduating in 1859. He studied law and was accepted to the bar 1860, when the war broke out he stepped away from civil service and joined the service.

In April 1861, he became the Second Sergeant of Company A, Seventh Indiana Infantry, participating in the first battle at Philippi, Virginia, June 4, 1861. After three month’s service, he was discharged in August. He re-enlisted in August, as a private soldier, in Company K, Seventieth Indiana Infantry, under the command of Col. Benjamin Harrison. He was made Second Lieutenant, later First Lieutenant and remained with that regiment until October 1863. In October 1863, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to the Fifteenth United States Colored Regiment. This regiment did guard duty at Nashville, Columbia, and Shelbyville, Tennessee. In 1864, he was sent to Nashville to organize the One Hundredth and First United States Colored troops when in June he received a commission as Colonel of the One Hundred and Ninth United States Colored Infantry and ordered to Louisville Kentucky.

After the war, he became a successful attorney at law in Chariton, Iowa. He died September 17, 1919.


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Scope and Content:

Collection includes letters mainly written by Orion A. Bartholomew to his family while at Indiana Asbury University, while serving in the Union Army during civil war with the 15th Regiment, United States Colored Troops, and after the civil war.

The collection contains additional correspondence from Orion’s brothers Levi Bartholomew, W. F. [William Frank] Bartholomew, and niece Nell Ward Scearce to her mother Laura Bartholomew.

Also included are programs from Indiana Asbury University, Danville Academy, Iowa Agricultural College, Stockwell Collegiate and Commercial Institute, and other drama and performing groups, and a speech by John Coburn.

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Collection Inventory

Folder and Item Listing:

Folder 1.  Correspondence 1854-1861

3-21-1854 Orion Bartholomew to Parents, Greencastle, IN
2-15-1856 Orion Bartholomew to Parents, Greencastle, IN
3-10-1856 Orion Bartholomew to Parents, Greencastle, IN
3-20-1856 Orion Bartholomew to Parents, Indiana Ashbury University, IN
9-24-1857 Orion Bartholomew to Parents, Indiana Ashbury University, IN
5-9-1858 Orion Bartholomew to brother Levi, Greencastle, IN
9-20,21-1858 Pamphlet for Asbury University Senior Exhibition
No Date  Newspaper Clipping
5-31-1861 Orion Bartholomew to parents Benwood, [West]Virginia
7-17-1861 Envelope and letter from Orion Bartholomew to parents, near Laurel Hill, Virginia
8-14-1861 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Camp Carrington
8-21-1861 Orion Bartholomew to mother, Camp Carrington
9-5-1861 Orion  Bartholomew to parents, Virginia
9-13-1861 Orion Bartholomew to mother, Camp Dunnart
9-28-1861 Orion Bartholomew to sisters, Camp Elk Water
10-15-1861 Orion Bartholomew to parents Webster, Virginia
10-18-1861 Orion Bartholomew to parents Camp---, Virginia
11-16-1861 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Greencastle, IN

Folder 2.  Correspondence 1862-1863
1-12-1862 Orion Bartholomew to parents,  Fort Indiana, Pilot Knob, TN [2pg]
1-18-1862 Orion Bartholomew to mother, Pilot Knob, TN [8pgs]
6-1-1862 Levi Bartholomew to father, Greencastle IN
10-5-1862 Orion Bartholomew to parents, Bowling Green, KY
10-8-1862 Orion Bartholomew to parents, Bowling Green, KY
2-1-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Pilot Knob, TN
2-4-1863 Orion Bartholomew to brother Levi, Pilot Knob, TN
4-16-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Fort Indiana, Pilot Knob, TN
4-28/29-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Fort Indiana, Pilot Knob, TN [2pg]
6/22/1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Lavergne, TN
7-12-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Murfreesboro, TN
8-30-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Nashville, TN
9-13-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Nashville, TN
9-19-1863 Orion Bartholomew to father, Nashville, TN
10-11-1863 Orion Bartholomew to mother, Gallatin, TN
10-26-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Gallatin, TN
11-20-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Columbia, TN
11-26-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Columbia, TN [2pg]
12-21-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Stevenson, AL
12-23-1863 Levi Bartholomew to sister Laura, North Cumberland Gap, KY
12-25-1863 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Shelbyville, TN
12-31-1863 Levi Bartholomew to sister Laura, Cumberland Gap, KY

Folder 3.  Correspondence 1864

1-10-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Shelbyville TN
1-16-1864 Levi Bartholomew to sister Laura, near Cumberland Gap, KY,VA,TN
2-24-1864 Letter, Shelbyville, TN
3-17-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Nashville, TN
4-3-1864 Letter to Laura, Nashville, TN
4-15-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Head-Quarters 15th Regiment U.S.C.T.
5-15-1864 Orion Bartholomew to mother, Head-Quarters 15th Regiment U.S.C.T.
5-25-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Nashville, TN
6-2-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister, Camp Foster
8-26-1864 Levi Bartholomew to sister Laura, Louisa, KY
1864 Ticket for passage on the Steamer Anna
c1864 Drawing of a woman in a blue dress
c1864 Drawing of “Red Riding Hood”
c1864 Poem of Ellsworth (A Battle Hymn for Ellsworth’s Zouaves)
10-27-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister,
11-20-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura
11-27-1864 Letter to sister, Greencastle
[12-17-1864] Letter from Orion Bartholomew
12-18-1864 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura [2pg]

Folder 4. Correspondence 1865

2-26-1865 Orion Bartholomew to mother
4-14-1865 Orion Bartholomew to father
4-18-1865 Orion Bartholomew to mother, near Petersburg, VA
5-6-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister
5-13-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, City Point, VA
7-14-1865  Orion Bartholomew to mother, TX [7pgs]
8-4-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister, TX [11pgs]
8-30-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Emma
10-6-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Emma, Indianola, TX
10-18-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Indianola, TX
10-22-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Indianola, TX
11-5-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Indianola, TX
11-12-1865 Orion Bartholomew to father, Indianola, TX
11-17/19-1865 Orion Bartholomew to sister Laura, Indianola, TX

Folder 5.  Correspondence 1866-1867

3-2-1866 Orion Bartholomew to father, Indianapolis, IN
3-4-1866 Orion Bartholomew to father, Louisville, KY
9-21-1866 W.F Bartholomew to sister Laura, Greencastle, IN
10-16-1866 W.F. Bartholomew to sister Emma, Greencastle, IN
11-24-1866 Frank Bartholomew to sister Emma, Greencastle, IN
1-16-1867 W.F. Bartholomew to sister Laura, Greencastle, IN
2-15-1867 Frank Bartholomew to sister Emma, Greencastle, IN
4-13-1867 Frank Bartholomew to parents, Greencastle, IN
9-17-1867? Frank Bartholomew to father, Greencastle, IN

Folder 6. Correspondence and Advertisements, 1867, 1868, 1875,1888,1894

6-18-1867 Program for Annual Exhibition of the Porter Society, Danville Academy
6-20-1867 Program for the Third anniversary of the Indiana alpha Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Indiana Asbury University
No Date Envelope from Orion Bartholomew to father, Adams Express Co. Baltimore, MD
1867 Circular for Stockwell Collegiate and Commercial Institute, Stock well, IN
4-5-1867 Program for Literary Performance, Sigourneau Society, Danville Academy
6-20/27-1867 Program for Indiana Asbury University Commencement.
1-29-1868  “Forfeiture of Rebel Railroad Lines” , speech John Coburn, IN
4-1-1875 Program, Danville Dramatic Club
No Date  Program, Peak Family
11-9/14-1888 Program, Iowa Agricultural College, Commencement Exercises
9-29/30-1894 Nell Ward Scearce to mother (Laura Bartholomew), Greencastle, IN

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 6 folders
Collection Dates: 1854 - 1894
Provenance:  Unknown
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Restrictions:  None
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