Indiana Film Council

Indiana Film Council
 L427, OB86
5 mss boxes, 1 oversize folder

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Processed by: Philip N. Williams, 2001
Reprocessed by: Laura E. Williams, July 2012

Organizational History:

The Indiana Film Council was chartered as an Indiana non-profit corporation in 1973 to provide an organization for film professionals interested in promoting the production, utilization, appreciation, and distribution of film. It was a statewide organization open to anyone interested in film. Members represented such professional interest areas as public schools, public libraries, public educational television, commercial and non-commercial film production and distribution, museums and art centers, art councils, film study, visual literacy study, and private film collection.

Indiana Film Council members met several times each year to share information and make professional contacts. In 1976, the Indiana Film Council held its first film festival in New Harmony. The festival became an annual event, which continued through 1981. Deriving its support from arts endowments and foundations plus annual membership dues, the Indiana Film Council was also able to fund these special programs: Hoosier Children’s Film Theater, a CETA Filmmaker-in-Residence program, and an Indiana Film Industry Survey, which collected and disseminated information on the status of film services and facilities in Indiana. Throughout the year, the IFC offered a variety of workshops and seminars for its members on such topics as 16mm and super-8 film production, animation, film laboratories, and classic film preservation. Members also received a newsletter.


Information Found within Collection 

Scope and Content:

The papers of the Indiana Film Festival cover the period from 1973 to 1983. The collection has three series: administrative records, membership records, and program materials.

The first series, administrative records, is arranged first alphabetically by category and then chronologically with the folders. These materials include by-laws of the Indiana Film Council, rosters identifying directors and officers (1973-1981), minutes of both the Board of Directors’ and Executive Committee meetings (1973-1980), and forms devised for basic record keeping, recruitment, and promotion. Folders of correspondence have been separated into two categories: letters written by IFC presidents (1974-1979) and general correspondence directed to the organization as a body (1974-1980). Presidential correspondence documents the initiation in 1976 of a Joint Commission to represent organizations with an interest in film throughout Indiana, including the IFC.

Other administrative records include materials concerning grant funding, bank statements, financial statements, and ledger sheets. There are also extensive records of disbursements and reimbursements, accompanied by required documentation.

The second series, membership records, is also first arranged alphabetically by subject or type and then by date. This series contains the IFC Newsletter (1973-1983), membership directories (1976-1977 and 1978-1979), and membership records (1974-1980). Additionally, the series contains certificates and awards granted to members and evaluations of the IFC by members.

The third series, program materials, contains documents related to each of the IFC annual Indiana Film Festivals (1976-1981), as well its other programs: including the CETA Filmmaker-in-Residence Program, Hoosier Children’s Film Theater, and other workshops.  Also included are forms for the 1977 Indiana Film Industry Survey, and photographs and slides from the Third Annual Indiana Film Fest in 1978.

Photocopy Policy:

Manuscript material CANNOT be photocopied or digitized in its entirety. Photocopies and/or digital reproductions (i.e. scans, digital photographs) cannot exceed 25% of a COLLECTION or FOLDER within a collection. In some cases, photocopying may not be permitted due to the condition of the item. Please check with the Manuscript Librarian for possible alternatives.

Collection Inventory

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1.  Administrative Records, 1973-1982

1. Articles of Incorporation and Certification of Incorporation, 1973-1981
2. Board of Directors and Executive Committee Rosters, 1973-1981
3. Corporate Minute Book, 1973-1975
4. Corporate Minute Book, 1976-1980
5. Correspondence-General, 1974-1981
6. Correspondence of the Presidents, 1974-1979
7. Forms-Sample and Masters, 1975-1981 and undated
8. Grant Records-General Funding, 1973-1975
9. Grant Records-General Funding, 1976-1978
10. Grant Records-General Funding, 1979-1983 and undated
11. Treasurer’s Records-Bank Statements, 1973-June 1978
12. Treasurer’s Records-Bank Statements, July 1978-July 1981
13. Treasurer’s Records-Bank Statements, Aug. 1981-July 1982

Box 2.  Administrative Records, 1974-1982

1. Treasurer’s Records-Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Reports, 1978-1982
2. Treasurer’s Records-Financial Statements, Treasurer’s Reports, Ledger Sheets, and Correspondence, 1976-1982
3. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Sept 1974-Apr 1975
4. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, May-June 1975
5. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, July-Dec 1975
6. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Jan-Feb 1976
7. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Mar-Apr 1976
8. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, May-June 1976
9. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, July-Nov 1976
10. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Jan-Mar 6, 1977
11. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Mar 28, 1977-Apr 1977
12. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, May-Aug 1977

Box 3.  Administrative Records, 1977-1980

1. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Oct 1977-Feb 1978
2. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Mar-May 1978
3. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, June-Aug 1978
4. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Sept-Nov 18, 1978
5. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Nov 27-Dec 16, 1978
6. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Dec 31, 1978-Apr 1, 1979
7. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Apr 5-May 20, 1979
8. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, May 21-June 25, 1979
9. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Aug 7-Dec 9, 1979
10. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Dec 14-31, 1979
11. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Jan 3-Feb 28, 1980
12. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Mar 7-May 19, 1980
13. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, June 2-Nov 30, 1980

Box 4.  Administrative and Membership Records, 1974-1983  

1. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Jan 9-Mar 5, 1981
2. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Mar 17-28, 1981
3. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Apr 2-May 17, 1981
4. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, May 21-June 30, 1981
5. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Aug 25, 1981-Jan 16, 1982
6. Treasurer’s Vouchers/Payment Requests, Feb 16-June 29, 1982
7. Member’s Evaluations, 1975
8. Certificate and Awards, 1975-1976
9. Newsletters, May 1973-Dec 1977
10. Newsletters, Jan 1978-Feb 1983
11. Correspondence re: Newsletters, 1979 and undated
12. Membership Directories, 1976, 1978-1979
13. Membership Records, 1974-1975
14. Membership Records, 1975-1976
15. Membership Records, 1976-1977
16. Membership Records, 1977-1978
17. Membership Records, 1978-1979?
18. Membership Records, 1979-1980?

Box 5.  Membership Records and Program Materials

1. Membership Records, 1980-1981?
2. First Annual Indiana Film Festival, 1976
3. Second Annual Indiana Film Festival, 1976-1977
4. Third Annual Indiana Film Festival, July 8, 1977-Feb 27, 1978
5. Third Annual Indiana Film Festival, Mar 8-Apr 8, 1978
6. Third Annual Indiana Film Festival, Apr 6-May 23, 1978
7. Fourth Annual Indiana Film Festival, July 31, 1978-Mar 28, 1979
8. Fourth Annual Indiana Film Festival, Apr-May 1979
9. Fifth Annual Indiana Film Festival, July 1979-Apr 1980
10. Sixth Annual Indiana Film Festival, Sept 1980-1981
11. Film Festival Material, undated
12. CETA Filmmaker-in-Residence, 1976-1978 and undated
13. Hoosier Children’s Film Theatre, 1974-1976 and undated
14. Indiana Film Industry Project Surveys, 1977
15. Other Programs and Conferences, 1973-1979 and undated
16. Photographs, Third Annual Indiana Film Festival, 1978
17. Slides, Third Annual Indiana Film Festival, 1978

Oversize Folder

OB89 9 shirt decals, undated

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 5 mss boxes, 73 folders, 1 oversize folder
Collection Dates: 1973-1983
Provenance:  Unknown
Access: The Collection is Open for Research Use
Restrictions:  None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscripts and Rare Books Division, Indiana State Library.
Language: Materials are entirely in: English
Alternate Formats: None
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