Almanacs, Miscellaneous Collection

Almanacs, Miscellaneous Collection
1875, 1885-86, 1888, 1889, 1892-93, 1895, 1897-1905, 1908-12, 1916-18, 1920, 1922-24, 1926-1930
1 mss box, 5 folders

Manuscripts & Rare Books Division
Indiana State Library

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                         Processed by: Brent Abercrombie March, 2008                          

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of the following almanacs: Crusaders’ Almanac (New York), Jahne’s Medizinischer Calender (Philadelphia; in German), Hazeltine’s Pocket-Book Almanac (Warren, PA), Colgate & Co. (New York), Kazeltine’s Almanac (Warren, PA), Ayer’s American Almanac (Lowell, MA), Dr. J.H. McLean’s Almanac (St. Louis; both in English and German), Hostetter’s Almanac (Pittsburgh; both in English and German), The Ladies Birthday Almanac (Chattanooga, TN), G.G. Green’s Almanac (Woodbury, NJ), Kodol Almanac (Chicago), Peruna Almanac (Columbus,OH), The Singer Almanac (Indianapolis), Swamp-Root Almanac (Binghamton, NY), Dr. J MacDonald’s Farmers Almanac (Binghamton, NY), Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac and Hand Book of Valuable Information (Elkhart, IN), Velvet Joe’s Almanac (St. Louis), and the Bliss Native Herbs Almanac (Indianapolis).

Photocopying Policy:

Manuscript materials CANNOT be photocopied or digitized in their entirety. Photocopies and/or digital images cannot exceed 25% of a collection or a folder within a collection. In some cases, photocopying may not be permitted due to the condition of the item. Check with a Manuscript Librarian for other options.

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1.  Miscellaneous Almanacs

1. 1875, 1885-1886, 1888, 1889, 1892-1893,1895
2. 1897-1903
3. 1903-1905, 1908-1910
4. 1911-1912, 1916-1918, 1920, 1922
5. 1923-1924, 1926-1930

Collection Information

Size of Collection: 1 mss box, 5 folders
Collection Dates: 1875, 1885-86, 1888, 1892-93, 1895, 1897-1905, 1908-12, 1916-18, 1920, 1922-24,1926-1930
Provenance: Marie Schoch
Access : The collection is open for research use
Restrictions: None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
Language: Materials are in English and German
Alternate Formats: None
Related Holdings: None