Indiana Biography Series

Indiana Biography Series
33 mss boxes, 214 folders

Manuscripts & Rare Books Division
Indiana State Library

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Processed by:  Brent Abercrombie, January 2008
Revised by:  Grant Gerard, November, 2008

Biographical or Historical Note / Organizational History:

Sources: IND. REF 920 I385B V. 1-97 Catalog Record

Scope and Content Note:

The collection primarily consists of obituary columns clippings compiled from the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis News, and the Indianapolis Times newspapers. There are also some biographical sketches of living people included in the collection. The Indiana Biography Series collection ranges from the year 1922 to 1989.  The collection was originally assembled as a 97 volume series that is also available in microfilm form.

Photocopying Policy:

Manuscript materials CANNOT be photocopied or digitized in their entirety. Photocopies and/or digital images cannot exceed 25% of a collection or a folder within a collection. In some cases, photocopying may not be permitted due to the condition of the item. Check with a Manuscript Librarian for other options.

Box and Folder Listing:

Item Listing

Box 1, Folders 1-8;          Volume 1(f1), Volume 2(f7)
Box 2, Folders 9-14;        Volume 3(f12)  
Box 3, Folders 15-19;      Volume 4(f17)
Box 4, Folders 20-25;      Volume 5(f22), Volume 6(f23), Volume 7(f25)
Box 5, Folders 25-31;      Volume 8(f27), Volume 9(f29), Volume 10(f31)
Box 6, Folders 32-37;      Volume 11(f33), Volume 12(f34), Volume 13(f37)                       
Box 7, Folders 38-43;      Volume 14(f38), Volume 15(f40), Volume 16(f42)
Box 8, Folders 44-49;      Volume 17(f44), Volume 18(f46), Volume 19(f48)
Box 9, Folders 50-55;      Volume 20(f51), Volume 21(f53), Volume 22(f55)
Box 10, Folders 56-62;    Volume 23(f57), Volume 24(f59), Volume 25(f61)
Box 11, Folders 63-68;    Volume 26(f63), Volume 27(f65), Volume 28(f67)
                                         Volume 29(f68)
Box 12, Folders 69-74;     Volume 30(f70), Volume 31(f72)
Box 13, Folders 75-80;     Volume 32(f75), Volume 33(f77), Volume 34(f80)
Box 14, Folders 81-86;     Volume 35(f82), Volume 36(f85)
Box 15, Folders 87-92;     Volume 37(f87), Volume 38(f91)
Box 16, Folders 93-98;     Volume 39(f93), Volume 40(f96)
Box 17, Folders 99-105;   Volume 41(f99), Volume 42(101), Volume 43(f104)
Box 18, Folders 106-111; Volume 44(f106), Volume 45(f108), Volume 46(f110)
Box 19, Folders 112-117; Volume 47(f112), Volume 48(f114), Volume 49(f116)
                                          Volume 50(f117)
Box 20, Folders 118-123; Volume 51(f119), Volume 52(f121), Volume 53(f123)
Box 21, Folders 124-130; Volume 54(f124), Volume 55(f126), Volume 56(f129)
Box 22, Folders 131-137; Volume 57(f131), Volume 58(f133), Volume 59(f135)
                                          Volume 60(f137)
Box 23, Folders 138-145; Volume 61(f139), Volume 62(f141), Volume 63(f143)
                                          Volume 64(f145)
Box 24, Folders 146-153; Volume 65(f147), Volume 66(f149), Volume 67(f151)
                                          Volume 68(f153)
Box 25, Folders 154-160; Volume 69(f155), Volume 70(f157), Volume 71(f159)
Box 26, Folders 161-167; Volume 72(f161), Volume 73(f163), Volume 74(f165)
                                          Volume 75(f167)
Box 27, Folders 168-175; Volume 76(f169), Volume 77(f171), Volume 78(f173)
                                          Volume 79(f175)
Box 28, Folders 176-183; Volume 80(f177), Volume 81(f179), Volume 82(f181)
Box 29, Folders 184-190; Volume 83(f184), Volume 84(f186), Volume 85(f188)
                                          Volume 86(f190)
Box 30, Folders 191-197; Volume 87(f192), Volume 88(f194), Volume 89(f196)
Box 31, Folders 198-205; Volume 90(f198), Volume 91(f200), Volume 92(f202)
                                          Volume 93(f205)
Box 32, Folders 206-212; Volume 94(f207), Volume 95(f209), Volume 96(f211)
Box 33, Folders 213-214; Volume 97(f213)

Collection Information

Size of Collection:  33 mss boxes, 214 folders
Collection Dates: 1922-1989
Provenance: Indiana State Library
Access : The collection is open for research use
Restrictions: none
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
Language: Materials are entirely in English
Alternate Formats: microfilm
Related Holdings: none
Notes: Catalog record indicates that there were originally 97 volumes.