Lawrence M. Borst

Lawrence M. Borst
1cu. ft box, 2 mss boxes

Manuscripts & Rare Books Division
Indiana State Library

Processed by: Philip N. Williams, October 1999

Biographical Note:

Lawrence Marion Borst, Jr. was born on July 16, 1927, in Champaign County, Ohio.  He attended North High School in Columbus, OH and Ohio State University, graduating from the latter with a D.V. M. in 1950.  In 1948 he married Eldoris June Wood, by whom he eventually had three children.  Borst moved his family to South Bend, Indiana in 1950.

In 1965, Borst co-founded the Republican Action Committee.  In political service to Indianapolis, Borst was a member of the Mayor’s Progress Committee in 1971 and the executive council in 1973.  On a state level, Borst served in the Indiana House of Representatives in 1967 and in the Indiana Senate from 1969 to 1984.  Borst was both secretary and president of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of papers collection by Lawrence Borst while serving in the Indiana House of Representatives and in the Indiana Senate.  Materials collected during Borst’s service in the Indiana House primarily reflect his work with the Committee on the Affairs of Marion County and the Committee on Public Policy.  Collectively, Part One documents the formation of UNIGOV, unified government for Indianapolis and Marion County.

The second series, consisting of materials from Borst’s service in the Indiana State Senate, reflects Borst’s chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee and his chairmanship of its Taxation Subcommittee.  Other activities of the Senate Finance Committee included in Part Two are those of the Local Government Finance Subcommittee and the financing of state education, involving both community schools and post-secondary education.  Included, too, are materials collected from Borst’s membership in the Roads and Transportation Committee.  One large portion of Part Two covers the activities of the State Budget Committee which, of necessity, touches upon every agency of state government.  Materials found in the collection include House and Senate bills, amendments, letters, memoranda, schedules, legislative and committee reports, proposals, financial reports, impact studies, and press releases.

Photocopying Policy:

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Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1. House Service

1. Papers, 1957-1868
2. Papers, 1969
3. Papers, 1969
4. Papers, 1969
5. Papers, n.d.
6. Papers, n.d.
7. Papers, n.d.

Box 2. Senate Service

1. Roads and Transportation Committee, 1978-1981
2. Roads and Transportation Committee, 1981-1985
3. Finance Committee, 1971
4. Finance Committee , 1973-1974
5. Finance Committee, 1975
6. Finance Committee, 1978-1979
7. Finance Committee, 1980
8. Finance Committee, 1981
9. Finance Committee, 1981
10. Finance Committee, 1981-1983

Box 3. Senate Service

1. Finance Committee, Local Government Finance Subcommittee, 1980
2. Finance Committee, Local Government Finance Subcommittee, 1981
3. Finance Committee, School Finances, 1978-1980
4. Finance Committee, School Finances, 1980-1981
5. Finance Committee, School Finances, 1981
6. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, n.d.
7. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, 1970-1972
8. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, 1973-1974
9. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, 1975
10. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, 1975-1979
11. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, n.d.
12. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, n.d.
13. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, n.d.
14. Finance Committee, Taxation Subcommittee, n.d.
15. Finance Committee, University Finances, 1971-1975
16. Finance Committee, University Finances, 1981
17. Budget Committee, 1978-1979
18. Budget Committee, 1979
19. Budget Committee, 1980-1981
20. Budget Committee, 1981
21. Budget Committee, 1981-1982
22. Budget Committee, n.d.

Collection Information

Size of Collection: 1 cu. ft box, 2 mss boxes
Collection Dates: 1957-1985
Provenance: Lawrence Borst, circa 1982
Restrictions: None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
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