Barnard Family Collection

Barnard Family Collection
L397, B193
1 mss box, 1 oversized folder

Manuscripts & Rare Books Division
Indiana State Library

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Processed by: Amy L. Baskette and Philip N. Williams, 1999
Revised by: Jennifer Duplaga, May 2005

Biographical Note:

The Barnard family lived in Indiana from the beginning of the nineteenth century through as late as 1951.  The family history begins with William Barnard, born on June 29, 1803.  He was the first white settler in Porter County, Indiana, having moved from Wayne County on May 16, 1835.  He and his wife raised seven boys and four girls.  His wife, Sally Williams Barnard, died in October 1864 of typhoid fever.  William Barnard died on January 4, 1887.  The Barnard Family Association, which often holds reunions, was created to record and document the family line.

Scope and Content Note:

The L397 collection includes several photographs of Barnard family members and photographs from the 1920 family reunion.  The collection also contains biographical and genealogical information from 1804-1920.  There are family papers, scrapbook pages, newspaper clippings, postcards and ribbons.

Items in B226 include the pages of a scrapbook, dated from 1855-1965, on which have been mounted photographs, documents and newspaper clippings.  Photographs and a major portion of the newspaper clippings concern Barnard family reunions in 1873, 1885, 1895, 1900 and 1915, and deaths in the Barnard family.  Other newspaper clippings concerning the Barnard family relate to William Barnard’s 80th birthday, a trip to Nantucket, MA by Nelson Barnard, dedication of the Barnard School and the Barnard Cemetery.  Documents relating to the Barnard family include a broadside for an auction on William Barnard’s farm; appointment to postmaster and a First Class Teacher’s License for M.C. Barnard; and the commission of Milton Barnard as a notary public for Lake County.

Photocopying Policy:

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Box and Folder:

Box 1. L397

n.d. Four photos of William Barnard and his first and second wives
n.d. One photo of Melissa Barnard, wife of Clinton
n.d. Tow photos of Job Barnard and one of his wife Flora Barnard
n.d. One photo and one picture of Milo Barnard
n.d. One photo each of Harvey and Eliza Pettiborne, the parents of Ruth Ann Pettiborne Barnard
n.d. Four photos of Milton C. Barnard and six photos of his wife, Ruth Ann Pettiborne Barnard
n.d. Four photos of William Barnard (1874-1890), son of Milton and Ruth Ann Barnard
n.d. Three photos of Oliver W. Barnard and one of his wife, Mary Barnard
n.d. Three photos of Nelson Barnard
n.d. One photo each of Polly Barnard Maulsby, Rachael Barnard Williams, and Uriah Barnard
n.d. One photo of Aunt Mary Oliver and her brother _____ Williams
n.d. One photo of four generations of Pettiborne women
n.d. Four photos on a printed page from a book with Pettiborne family pictures
1920 3 photographs, 1920 family reunion
n.d. Photograph, Thomas Macy home
1873 Newspaper clippings from the 1873 family reunion
1935 Postcards and brochures from the Pettiborne Tavern in 1935
n.d. Postcards from Naples, New York
1873-1874 Diaries belonging to Milton C. Barnard
1882 One ribbon from the Garfield Fair, Indiana Ladies’ Association
1889 One ribbon from the Indiana Republican Club
1840-1897 Correspondence, Barnard family
1873-1951 Family papers, Barnard family
30 Oct. 1873 Marriage license (Barnard-Pettiborne)
n.d. Genealogical papers, Job Barnard
 Genealogical papers, Coffin family
 Genealogical papers, Pettiborne family
20 Aug. 1885 and 19 Aug. 1890 Minutes of the Barnard Family Association (originals)
20 Aug. 1885 and 19 Aug. 1890 Minutes of the Barnard Family Association (photocopies)

Folder 1. B193

1855 Copy photograph of 1855 daguerreotype of Barnard family
Jan. 1868 Scrapbook page with appointment of M.C. Barnard as postmaster of Westville, LaPorte County, Indiana.  On reverse, dated Nov. 25, 1868, First Class Teacher’s Certificate for M.C. Barnard, valid in Guthrie County, Iowa
1871-1883 Scrapbook page with broadside dated September 30, 1871, announcement of public auction of livestock and farm equipment by William Barnard.  On reverse are 1873 newspaper clippings concerning the Barnard family reunion from the LaPorte Herald, and a June 20, 1883 newspaper clipping, a poem “To My Father on Attaining his Eightieth Birthday,” by O.W. Barnard.
3 Mar. 1871  Scrapbook page with commission of Milton C. Barnard as a notary public for Lake County, signed by Conrad Baker, Governor of Indiana.  On reverse side is a newspaper clipping, dated Aug. 30, 1900 entitled “Boys and Girls of ’60,” concerning the reunion of graduates of Westville High School and students of Professor J.G. Laird.
30 Aug. 1900 Scrapbook page with continuation of above article.  On reverse are two photographs
1885-1901 Scrapbook page with newspaper clippings:  obituary of Rachel Williams, dated 1885;  August 24, 1896 obituary of Mrs. Mary Jane Barnard; five obituaries of Milton C. Barnard, one dated November 21, 1901.  On reverse is obituary for Oliver W.  Barnard, from a Manteno, Illinois newspaper, August 16, 1907.
1885-1895 Scrapbook page with August 27, 1885 newspaper clipping, “The Barnard Reunion,” from the Porter County Vidette;  second 1885 clipping entitled “Notes of the Barnard Anniversary, Organization of an Association to Be Known as ‘The House of Wm. Barnard’.”  On reverse is clipping on the 1895 Barnard reunion, which outlines the eleven branches of the Barnard family.
1895-1897 Scrapbook pages with continuation of above article and an undated newspaper clipping entitled “Nelson on Nantucket,” being remarks to “Editor Indicator” by Nelson Barnard on his visit to Nantucket Island, MA.  On reverse is a newspaper clipping from The Herald entitled “Famous Old Mill…The Historical Society…Rescues It from Vandal Hands.”
ca. 1900-1915 Scrapbook page with continuation of above article and a1900 newspaper clipping from the Westville Indicator entitled “The Barnard Reunion.”  On reverse is a mounted photograph and August 26, 1915 newspaper clipping from the Westville Indicator entitled “Descendents of the Quakers.”
1923-1924 Scrapbook page with newspaper clippings:  three obituaries of Justice Job Barnard, one dated February 28, 1923, and a newspaper photograph of the justices of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.  On reverse is an earlier newspaper clipping entitled “Justice Job Barnard to Retire from Bench,” an obituary for Mrs. Florence A. Barnard, widow of Job Barnard, dated December 23, 1924, and an obituary for William E. William, Clerk of the Supreme Court of The District of Columbia, dated January 10, 1925.
13 Nov. 1951 Scrapbook page with Washington Star newspaper clipping and program entitled “Through the Years, Barnard, 1926-1951” from the dedication of the new Barnard School.  On reverse is a collection of clippings of with poems by various authors. 
28 May 1965 Newspaper clipping, “Old Cemetery Part of Lost Era,” from The News Dispatch of Michigan City, Indiana concerning Quakerdom cemetery, once owned by William Barnard.

Collection Information

Size of Collection: 1 mss box, 1 oversized folder
Collection Dates: 1835-1965
Provenance: Mrs. David I. Wells via ISL Genealogy Division
Restrictions: None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
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