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  1. Hoosiers Urged to Make Disaster Preparation Plans

  2. Stay in Shape, Take the President's Challenge

  3. September is Month to Promote Healthy Aging

  4. Program Aims to Preserve American Battlefields

Grandparent's Day Celebrated This Sunday

Sunday is Grandparents’ Day, first proclaimed in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter and first celebrated in 1979. In the U.S., seven million children (nine percent) in the U.S. in 2009 lived with a grandparent, according to America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2009. Grandparents can play an important role in their family’s lives at any stage. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a useful Grandparents’ Guide for Family Nurturing and Safety which encourages grandparents to play an active part in the safety and care of their grandchildren. For more facts about grandparents caring for grandchildren, see the Census Bureau Newsroom’s Grandparents Day 2010.


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Hoosiers Urged to Make Disaster Preparation Plans

National Preparedness MonthAs we approach the anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded how quickly our lives and safety can change in an instant.  Governor Daniels has proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month in Indiana.  The Indiana Department of Homeland Security offers tips and resources to keep you and your family safe. The IDHS advises Hoosiers to Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed, Get Involved!  There are kits for earthquakes, office safety, terrorism, and fire to make safety a priority for you, your patrons, or your loved ones.  Being prepared and involving your friends, family, and neighbors is the best way to stay safe and alert for all kinds of emergencies.  Your preparedness makes the difference!

Stay in Shape, Take the President's Challenge

President's ChallengeWhen summer hits, many people take to the outdoors and find that they’re getting a lot more exercise than they once did. However, just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that exercise should stop too! Whether you’re just starting a fitness regimen or having been following one for years, the President’s Challenge is a great way to keep track of your progress. In conjunction with Let’s Move! and, the President’s Challenge is a way to log your activities, compete with others and even earn a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA).  Think of it as an adult version of the Presidential Fitness Test from gym class. However, this time it’s fun. You get to choose the type of activity you do – from walking or running to aerobics and playing softball. You earn points based on the type of activity and the duration. After you earn a certain number of points, you can win a PALA or even a bronze, silver, or gold medal! You can sign up alone or as part of a group – this is a great way for a community to get healthy together.

September is Month to Promote Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging MonthThis September, we also celebrate Healthy Aging Month. Many new library patrons have just begun retirement or have just entered their senior years. A consumer update from the Federal Citizen Information Center urges consumers to be healthy at any age by paying attention to food safety, knowing your medications and what they interact with, staying on top of the recommended health screenings for men and women, and staying active. The National Institute on Aging has created Age Pages, available online or in PDF, covering several different topics such as Health Scams, Healthy Eating After 50, and Nursing Homes: Making the Right Choice. Indiana’s Division on Aging provides online information about its statewide Programs and Services, including Area Agencies on Aging/ADRC, Community and Home Options to Institutional Care for the Elderly and Disabled (CHOICE), and OPTIONS – The Indiana Elder Affairs Network. You can also check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website devoted to Healthy Aging for Older Adults and the National Women’s Health Information Center website on Women and Healthy Aging.

Program Aims to Preserve American Battlefields

American Battlefield Protection ProgramSeeking to promote the preservation of battle sites that are on American soil, the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABBP), part of the National Park Service, is a great source of information. If you have a patron looking for concise, accurate summaries of Civil War battles, this is the place to go. By following the Civil War link, you can search for battles by state or by campaign. The results will give you a brief summary of the battle, as well as the principal commanders, the forces engaged and even an estimate of casualties on both sides. While it doesn’t go into detail, it is a helpful place to get started in Civil War research. You can also get to the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System , which is a search engine designed to locate people who served in the war. While the bulk of information on the ABBP site deals with the Civil War, they are also dedicated to preserving battle sites from the Revolution and the War of 1812. Currently, battlefield information from these wars is not available to the same extent that it is for the Civil War. However, the National Park Service is currently undertaking a study that involves researching and preserving these important sites as well.

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