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  1. Workforce Data Now Searchable Along Storm Paths

  2. Gets Makeover for 10th Anniversary

  3. State Program Supports Early Cancer Detection for Women

  4. Census Resources Help Ensure Everyone is Counted in 2010

  5. Can Help Plan Your Next Family Vacation

Document of the Month: Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Reports

Want to know more about Indiana’s school history?   This document provides historical information on the formation of early schools in Indiana.   For example, historians and researchers will find valuable insight on the types of schools in Indiana – including free schools, teachers’ institutes and the advantages of a graded system – throughout the years.  In 1852, adequate funding for each child between five and 21 years was $2.00!   This and other interesting facts about Indiana’s early schools can be found at the State Library.  The reports are located at IR 379.7 and run from 1852-1942.



Want to see the latest State documents at the State Library?  The 2nd quarter checklist is now available on the State Library’s website.   The checklist can help with collection development or just to merely satisfy your curiosity with state documents.    If you have any questions about the checklist or state documents, please contact the State Documents Coordinator.


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Workforce Data Now Searchable Along Storm Paths

OnTheMap for Emergency Management: HurricanesThe U.S. Census Bureau and the National Weather Service have launched OnTheMap for Emergency Management: Hurricanes. This service provides workforce data for areas within the path of a hurricane.  According to this week’s press release, “It allows users to create, print and download workforce related maps, profiles and underlying data down to the block level.” Using data from the National Hurricane Center, it displays storm watches and warnings, plus storm formation potential. The public can use this information to predict and assess impact on various industries using data from the Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LED) program. For help, see the Getting Started PDF.

The Bureau’s original LED OnTheMap service has been available for the last few years and is now on its fourth version. It shows where workers are employed and where they live along with reports on worker characteristics and filters by age, earnings, and/or industry group. For a summary sheet, see OnTheMap Version 4. Gets Makeover for 10th Anniversary has a new look!  In honor of the site’s tenth anniversary, they have revamped it to make it more streamlined and efficient.  They’ve also included enhanced searching capabilities.  Not only does the new search feature retrieve items faster, but it’s more prominently featured on the front page.  While the look has changed, users can still find the same information they could in the past – click on “Explore Topics” to get to information on Jobs and Education, Public Safety and Law, Consumer Guides and more.  Additionally, there are links to government services and government agencies.  There’s even a section devoted to Apps available from various agencies throughout the federal government.  You can get an app for product recalls, the FBI’s most wanted or even a BMI calculator.

State Program Supports Early Cancer Detection for Women

Indiana State Department of HealthThe Indiana State Department of Health has a program to help women detect and fight breast and cervical cancer.  The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) receives federal and state funds to help uninsured and underserved women have access to screenings for early detection for breast and cervical cancer.  BCCP provides clinical breast exams, mammograms and pap tests.   Indiana’s program is part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP).  This program is the first national cancer screening program in the United States.  It is possible because of cooperation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state health departments and tribal organizations.  Indiana residents have to meet eligibility requirements to participate in the program.  Click here for contact information about BCCP.  Breast and Cervical cancer can be cured if detected early so please use the tools and resources provided to take care of yourself, your family and friends.   

Census Resources Help Ensure Everyone is Counted in 2010

It’s not too late to ensure that you’re counted in the 2010 Census! If you still have your form and haven’t sent it in, please do. If you would like to provide your information over the phone, you can do so by calling 1-866-872-6868 through July 30. Census takers across the country will be knocking on doors until July 30. If they do not receive a response, they may check with neighbors or others who live nearby to make sure your household is included in the census. Check these tips about preparing for a census taker, including verifying that the worker has a U.S. Census Bureau identification badge. For more about why the census matters to our communities, please see the Census Bureau’s What is the Census and Indiana’s 2010 Census website. Can Help Plan Your Next Family Vacation

Recreation.govPart of an interagency cooperative, is designed to give users a one-stop shop for information on recreation opportunities.  It has a great search feature that allows you to search for national parks, historic sites or tours of various agencies, such as the National Archives.  You can even search for camping opportunities based on your availability.  If you know that there’s something specific that you want to do – whether it’s biking, fishing, water sports or visiting historic sites – you can also search that way.  The site also allows you to book your stay or even purchase a permit (if required).  While anyone can browse the site, you need to be a member to make reservations.  Membership is free, just necessary to receive confirmations, reminders and other important communications.

While the National Park Service does play a role in the management of the site, they are not the only ones.  Some of the agencies that take part are the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Smithsonian Institution and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  There’s something for everyone!

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