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-Dept. of Tourism Helps Plan Your Super Bowl Weekend

-Website Discovers the "Science of Football"

-CDC Suggest Healthy Options for Super Bowl Snacks

-Football Among Useful ISL Subject Guides

Fast Facts for Super Bowl XLVI

Average time of daily commute to work:

  • New York: 38.7 minutes
  • Boston: 28.4 minutes
  • Indianapolis: 22.2 minutes

Percentage of residents over 25
with a bachelor’s degree or higher:

  • New York: 33.4%
  • Boston: 44.3%
  • Indianapolis: 26.7%

Median Home Value:

  • New York: $504,500
  • Boston:$369,600
  • Indianapolis: $118,100

Source: US Census Bureau, Facts for Features: Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI


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“I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty hard up for linemen in those days. If I had gone into professional football the name Jerry Ford might have been a household word today.”    - President Gerald Ford

This week’s edition of the Friday Facts is dedicated to Super Bowl XLVI. As we celebrate the world’s most famous game here in Indianapolis, we would like to welcome all the fans from New York, Boston, and beyond into the Circle City!

Dept. of Tourism Helps Plan Your Super Bowl Weekend

Indiana Department of TourismIndianapolis is full of excitement and visitors this week as we host the Super Bowl. In addition to all of the great NFL-sponsored activities and parties, Indiana has many wonderful sites and attractions to meet anyone’s tastes and budgets. The Indiana Department of Tourism has specials and discounts to help you plan your getaway. For those who are here for the Super Bowl and the festivities, check out the Indiana Insider Blog, which has tips and opinions on things to do in Indianapolis from locals, including keys to getting one of the 46 Super Sandwiches in Indiana! If you plan on coming into downtown Indianapolis for the Super Bowl or any of the festivities, make sure you Know Before You Go to avoid traffic hassles and headaches downtown. Have a safe, enjoyable weekend! 

Website Discovers the 'Science of Football'

National Science FoundationTo the uninitiated, it may just seem like chaos, but there’s actually a lot of science involved in football. The National Science Foundation has made it a mission to bring that science to you! Their website, The Science of NFL Football, brings you several episodes about different scientific aspects of the game. Of course, there is information about nutrition and training, but that is far from all. Viewers can learn about how Newton’s first, second, and third Laws of Motion apply to football – whether it’s about two players crashing into each other or just how a field goal goes so far. You can also learn about the prolate spheroid – the shape of a football – and how this particular shape helps the game. Those interested in math will enjoy the episodes on the Pythagorean Theorem and Vectors. In addition to the videos themselves, you can find lesson plans on Lessonopoly, a website sponsored by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. Each lesson plan is geared toward a specific grade level and may help students more interested in sports to understand different aspects of math, physics, and nutrition.

CDC Suggests Healthy Options for Super Bowl Snacks

CDC: Eat Healthy this Super BowlSuper Bowl weekend is a great chance to have fun, watch the game, and hang out with friends and family. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your health. The CDC has a page dedicated to staying healthy this weekend. Although this is in the Men’s Health section, these tips are applicable to everyone! The most obvious tip deals with eating healthy: be sure to include fruit and veggie options at your party and don’t be deceived by dips and dressing – these can often be calorie-laden. You also should be sure to practice food safety. This means cleaning vegetables and making sure they don’t get near raw meat. Other safety tips include making sure not to drink and drive (or letting your guests do so) and staying warm if you’re tailgating. However, don’t avoid the cold by grilling in the kitchen! For these and more tips, be sure to check out Have a Safe and Healthy Super Bowl Celebration. The article also includes some tasty yet healthy party recipes. Have fun celebrating Indiana’s turn in the spotlight this Super Bowl, but, as always, be safe!

Check out Useful Football Resources from the State Library

The Indiana State Library has an abundance of current and historical resources on many of our nation's pastimes. The football subject guide features resources from several State Library collections, including Federal Documents.

Check out Football in Indiana or one of the many other subject guides from the State Library.

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