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  1. Job Bank Connects Students to Government Employment

  2. State Agency Offers Info About Private Colleges

  3. Secretary of State Programs Aims to Combat Fraud

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The Library of Congress is a great source of information.  However, their collection is so vast that many people have no idea what is available, let alone how to begin searching it.  For that very reason, the LOC has created the Wise Guide.  The Wise Guide was created in 2002 and profiles different aspects of the collection each month. This month focuses on displays such as the History of Coptic Music, Great Women Inventors and a color photography exhibit from the 1930s entitled Bound for Glory: America in color 1939-43. This site is a great introduction to the Library of Congress. It's also a help for student essays and papers.  With a new focus each month, this is a great source for ideas!  Users are also able to search through previous Wise Guides by checking out the archives.

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Job Bank Connects Students to Government Employment

Studentjobs.govAre there students in your community looking for a job?  If so, might be their solution.  Geared toward high school, college and graduate school students, is a database that provides access to information about Federal jobs available to students.  It is structured similarly to and allows users to create and upload multiple résumés at a time.  Students are able to create their own profiles.  This allows them to receive updates on job openings that meet their criteria and also enables them to leave their résumés posted for employers to search.  Users can also structure the search parameters by location, job type or even by agency. 

Of course, students may not be familiar with most government agencies or their responsibilities.  The website developers understand this and have included a link to agency information.  This list provides general information about the agencies that hire student employees, as well as the types of jobs they provide and links to their websites.  Not all agencies in the Federal government are looking to hire students, so only those that do hire students are profiled. 

State Agency Offers Info about Private Colleges

The Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education The Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education (CPE) is an independent agency operating under the authority of Indiana Code 21-17; it is governed by a seven member board of Commissioners.  This agency is charged with regulating privately owned, postsecondary schools in Indiana. It was created in 1971 by the Indiana General Assembly to ensure compliance with statutory requirements within the educational system. The Commission's goal is to maintain the educational quality and vocational effectiveness of private career schools. 

Through CPE's accreditation process, regulated institutions are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of educational conduct.  Another valuable resource the Commission provides is a listing of defunct (closed) institutions and information on obtaining a transcript from one of those institutions.  For more information about the Commission, visit who they are and what they do on the Commission’s website. 

Secretary of State Program Aims to Combat Fraud

Indiana Secretary of State Todd RokitaCan you spot a con artist?  Does an investment sound just way too good to be true?  It probably is.  The holidays are a particularly opportune time for scam artists and bogus investment opportunities.

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office has created a statewide campaign to alert Hoosiers on the most common types of fraud in Indiana: fraud aimed at seniors, faith-based fraud and mortgage fraud.  Click here to take a look at or listen to some of the campaigns that deal with each kind of fraud.  One of the best ways to prevent fraud is to become a smart investor; Indiana Investment Watch provides Indiana residents with materials to provide the investor with knowledge about investing, personal finance and news you can use to combat various scams and investment schemes.  Use the information from Indiana Investment Watch and take the steps to become a wiser, savvier investor!