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Online Community Designed for Social Hoosiers

Join the Fight Against Hunger on World Food Day

Legal Immigrants May Sign Up for 2013 Visa Lottery

Online Portal Created for Relocated High School & College Students

Recent reports suggest that many of our neighbors in Ohio, Illinois, and other surrounding states are moving to Indiana. While we all agree that Indiana is a great place to be, there are many issues faced by families moving to a new state, particularly those with children. For families with high school or college students , TransferIN is a great resource. TransferIN is an initiative of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. This website is all about transferring to schools in Indiana and contains a map with Indiana Colleges and Universities. There is information about how to transfer college credit, how to navigate financial aid in Indiana, and even what sort of benefits you can receive for being a veteran. There is also information for guidance counselors. Moving to a new state can be scary; even scarier is the prospect of transferring to a new school. Hopefully the steps, tools and resources on this website will help make the process a little less frightening.  


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Online Community Designed for Social Hoosiers

Smaller IndianaIndiana just got smaller! There’s a new social-networking website, Smaller Indiana, to get Indiana’s most creative and ‘social’ residents, or Smoosiers, to come together for ideas, community, and local & upcoming events. Included on the Smaller Indiana site is the leaf cam group, which helps to promote fall travel and tourism in Indiana. Of course, this includes the beautiful sites and pictures of the leaf cams located throughout the state. Smaller Indiana encourages all Smoosiers to blog, tweet, and share your photos from your various fall travels. You could win a prize! For more information and details, visit  Remember to break out those cameras and enjoy the beauty of fall in Indiana. 

Join the Fight Against Hunger on World Food Day

October 16 is World Food DayOctober 16 is World Food Day (WFD). Celebrated on the day that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in 1945, WFD is a way for communities and other local organizations to work together to fight hunger around the world. Although it is sponsored by the US National Committee, it is up to the individual groups involved to host events and band together with other groups to make the day happen. The purpose of World Hunger Day is to raise money and exchange ideas on how fighting hunger can best be accomplished. World Hunger Day USA sponsors a teleconference for just such an exchange. You must have a login name to view the sponsored events for this year, but you can look at the directory to see which organizations are involved and what they are doing. This year, in addition to community activities, the USDA, the State Department, and USAID will be joining other organizations in Des Moines, Iowa to discuss how we can improve agricultural development and production around the world. Check out their website to see what these and other government agencies are doing to help fight hunger. By collaborating with communities, host countries, and private organizations, they are working to keep more people around the world fed.

Legal Immigrants May Sign Up for 2013 Visa Lottery

2013 US Visa LotteryCommunities with large immigrant populations will be interested to learn about the 2013 US Visa Lottery. Every year, thousands of people legally immigrate to the United States. In order to promote diversity among the immigrant population, the State Department sponsors this lottery to encourage people from countries with low rates of immigration to come to the United States. Citizens of countries with fewer than 50,000 new immigrants, such as Malaysia or Belarus, are invited to apply for this. It is free to apply and registration is currently open. 50,000 winners are randomly selected by a computer and are awarded a green card. It is important to fill out all of the information requested – if someone has children and does not mention it on the entry form, they will not be able to immigrate with them. Entrants will be able to check their status starting May 1, 2012. Check out the blog post on the visa lottery for more information.

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