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  1. Prepare for Cooler Weather with Energy Saving Tips

  2. State Clarifies New School Immunization Requirements

  3. Know Your Columbus Day History in Time for Holiday

Election Resources Simplify Voting Process

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office has a new, interactive map to help you find out your elected officials. This provides users with detailed information about elected officials at the Federal, State, County and Township level. It is a useful resource to help patrons know who they are voting for, in addition to who they should contact about issues or concerns within a certain voting district. If you need to find your polling place, districts, or just want to know who’s on the ballot, the Statewide Voter Registration System offers a one-stop shop experience to help make the voting process as easy and accessible as possible. Voting is one of the opportunities to make your voice heard and a great way to participate in the civic process.  


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Prepare for Cooler Weather with Energy Saving Tips

U.S. Department of EnergyOctober is Energy Awareness Month! The days are getting colder and now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to keep your heating bill down this season. The Energy Savers website from the DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy is a great place to go if you’re looking for tips. There are many different ways you can save energy in your home and Energy Savers has ideas for all of them. There are tips for sealing and insulating your house, reducing your electricity usage and even buying the right kinds of appliances. One thing that many people don’t think about is using landscaping to your advantage. Ensuring natural shade in the summer and sunlight in the winter is an effective way to keep your home cool or warm without adjusting the thermostat. Energy Savers also includes tips for conserving energy in your vehicle or your workplace. Before you pay too much this season, be sure to check out these ideas. Keep your house warm without paying an arm and a leg!

State Clarifies New School Immunization Requirements

Indiana State Department of HealthThere has been a lot of information in the news lately about school immunization requirements. The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has resources and information for parents and medical providers to help answer questions about immunizations and immunization schedules for children and teens. The Department of Health’s website also links parents and caregivers to the instant childhood immunization schedule and an on time schedule to ensure your child gets the proper vaccinations for their age. You can even find immunization requirements for the 2010-2011 school year here. Vaccinations are crucial to ensure children in Indiana and other states are free from disease, disability and death. Stay healthy and informed, Indiana!

Know Your Columbus Day History in Time for Holiday Columbus DayThis coming Monday is Columbus Day. For many workers around the country it means a day off. However, are you aware of the history behind the day? Columbus Day was established in 1937 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in honor of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World.  It was originally set on October 12, as that is believed to be the day that a sailor on the Pinta first spotted land.  The Uniform Holiday Act of 1968 (P.L. 90-363) declared that federal holidays would be observed on the Monday nearest to the actual holiday. This took effect in 1971.  Many people are quick to point out that Columbus was not the first to discover land in the Western Hemisphere – not only were there already indigenous people here, but there is evidence that Vikings landed in the north far before Columbus got here.  For that reason, some states have different names for the day.  In Hawaii they call it Discovery Day, and South Dakotans celebrate Native American Day.  However, the day was originally established as Columbus Day because Columbus was the first to establish a lasting connection between the Western Hemisphere and Europe.  For more information on Columbus Day, check out this site from

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