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  1. Students Invited to MLK, Jr. Youth Summit

  2. Use Antibiotics Properly When Treating Winter Ailments

  3. State Courts Advise on What to Know Before You Go

  4. EPA Offers Tips to Save on Winter Heating Bills

Indiana General Assembly Opens 2011 Session

It’s January; do you know where your Legislator is? The Indiana General Assembly reconvenes on Wednesday, January 5, 2011. The Indiana General Assembly’s website provides information such as session information, bills introduced by the House and Senate, tools for identifying your Legislator, publications and more.  If you would like to see the General Assembly in action, you can watch live video from the comfort of your home or office to stay informed on the laws and topics important to Indiana citizens. Using the tools and resources provided on this website can help citizens in Indiana stay informed and in the know about Indiana politics. 


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Students Invited to MLK, Jr. Youth Summit

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Youth SummitIndiana middle and high-school students are invited to keep the dream alive! The Indiana Civil Rights Commission  and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Indiana Holiday Commission are hosting the 20th annual statewide Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Youth Summit. The summit will be held on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at the Indiana State Museum.  Schools interested in attending the summit should fill out the registration form  and fax it to the State Museum Call Center at 317-234-2489. If you’re interested in more information about the summit, click here

Use Antibiotics Properly When Treating Winter Ailments

Medline Plus: AntibioticsWinter is officially here and with that often comes the unfortunate side-effect of getting sick. For many people, that means grabbing an antibiotic to help them get back on their feet as soon as possible. However, it’s important to remember that antibiotics only work on bacterial infections. That means that if you’re sick with a cold (even a bad one) or the flu, you should not take an antibiotic. In fact, according Medline Plus, taking antibiotics for a virus can actually do harm. Taking an unneeded antibiotic increases the chance that bacteria in your body will be able to resist them – you start to build an immunity to the drug. Later on, you might get an illness that that same antibiotic can no longer cure!

Another possible consequence to antibiotic misuse comes from not taking enough of a prescribed drug. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is important to take all of the antibiotic prescribed to you. If you only take a partial dose, it may kill some of the bacteria, but not all of it. This can lead to bacteria that is resistant to drugs. Unfortunately, that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can still be spread to other people.

There are many symptoms that can be caused by both viruses and bacterial infections. Therefore, it’s important to go to a doctor if you suspect a bacterial infection. For more safety tips, be sure to also check out this site from the Food and Drug Administration.

State Courts Advise on What to Know Before You Go

Indiana Courts: Getting Legal HelpMany Indiana residents find themselves in unfamiliar territory in the courtroom.  The Indiana Courts website has tools and resources to help make the interactions with Indiana courts a little easier. The page has resources such as the child support calculator for parentsself-representation in court and obtaining legal assistance. In cases where an attorney is needed, you can research his or her status with the Bar Association in Indiana. With the tools, resources and information contained on this website, Indiana Courts can be navigated with confidence. Those interested in history can also find various histories of Indiana courts.

EPA Offers Tips to Save on Winter Heating Bills

EPA: Tips to Save on Winter Energy BillsLast weekend’s warm-up aside, it’s a cold time of year! We have two more months of winter and if you’re not careful, that could mean two more months of high energy bills. However, there are things you can do to keep your expenses in check. The Environmental Protection Agency has a great list of things you can do this winter. First, they recommend that you assess your home at You can use their Home Energy Yardstick to compare your energy usage to similar homes across the country. Their Home Energy Advisor can give you tips on energy-saving home improvements. Other important things to do to keep your house heated and your bills down is to seal air leaks, maintain your heating equipment and to use a programmable thermostat. For more tips, be sure check out the EPA’s Top 10 Tips for Renters and this video geared for homeowners.

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