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Volume XXXV No. 3

Summer 2012


In this Issue

  1. Save the Date: Indiana Vision Expo Coming in September
  2. Updates from the NLS Biennial Conference
  3. Talking Books Thanks Summer Readers
  4. BIG Thanks to Talking Books Volunteers
  5. Talking Books Around Town

Join us for the 2012 Indiana Vision Expo

As September approaches, it is time to start making plans to attend the 2012 Indiana Vision Expo.  This yearís Expo will feature 32 vendors, including both past favorites and first time Expo exhibitors.  Exhibits will include demonstrations and instructions on using voting machines, BARD, and both Apple and Windows based computers.  A Spartial vendor list was included in the Spring issue of Indiana Insights; a full list of vendors attending this yearís Expo, as well as links to their websites, can be found at

In addition to the 32 exhibitors at this yearís Expo, there will also be programs for you to attend in the Indiana Authorís Room.  At 11:15 A.M., Dr. Richard Windsor and Dr. Laura Windsor will be discussing the latest advancements in the treatment of degenerative eye disease.  This will be their sixth consecutive year attending and sharing their expertise with the Expo.  At 1:15 P.M., Bosma Enterprises will be giving a presentation on new and current programs and services they are offering.  These programs are always popular, so make sure you arrive on time to reserve your seat!

A new addition to this yearís Expo will be a display celebrating the creative and artistic talents of our patrons.  We are still looking for artists, authors, and people who do needlework or other crafts who would like to share their talents with us.  If you are interested, please contact the library by phone at 317-232-3738 or email

The Indianapolis Vision Walk will, once again, be taking place outside the library before the start of the Expo.  Sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Vision Walk raises money for sight-saving research.  The Vision Walk will begin and end on Senate Avenue, outside the library, and will take walkers on a two mile route along the downtown canal.  We encourage you to form a team with your family and friends and make a fun filled day out of the Vision Expo and Vision Walk!  Registration begins at 8:00 A.M and the walk starts at 9:30 A.M.  For more information visit or contact Kristi Snuttjer by phone at 1-847-680-0100 or email

We are very excited about this yearís Indiana Vision Expo.  Please mark your calendars and join us here, at the Indiana State Library, on Saturday, September 29th from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  Parking is available in the Senate Avenue parking garage, located across from the library, for $5; admission to the Expo is free!

Library Updates

In May, the National Library Serviceís biennial conference was held in Newport, Rhode Island.  Librarians from around the country gathered to hear Karen Kenninger, the new director of the National Library Service, speak about upcoming changes patrons can expect and her vision for the future of the National Library Service.  Among the items discussed were several that will impact Talking Book patrons here in Indiana.

Perhaps the biggest and most eagerly anticipated change patrons can look forward to this year is the conversion of magazines from cassette tape to digital cartridge.  Patrons will receive one cartridge a month (or week depending on your subscriptions) loaded with all of your magazines.  Unlike the magazines on cassette, magazines sent to patrons on digital cartridges WILL need to be returned.  Failure to return magazines for an extended time period may jeopardize your standing in the magazine program.  Talking Book Topics will be included on a digital cartridge as part of your monthly magazine subscription and will need to be returned as well. 

There are several planned changes to BARD, a free service that allows patrons to download books and magazines from home.  Planned changes include the addition of web-Braille, which should happen sometime in the late summer.  Current web-Braille users will need to register for a BARD account to continue downloading web-Braille titles.  Other ongoing BARD improvement projects include an improved search feature, an improved interface for supporting low-vision, inclusion of locally produced books and magazines, an increased number of foreign titles and music scores, wish lists, lists of previously downloaded items, and a smart phone application. 

While there is no specific date for these changes going live, we look forward to these improvements in service!

Summer Reading Wrap Up

We would like to thank all of the participants of the 2012 Indiana Talking Book and Braille Libraryís Summer Reading Program!  Readers this year were encouraged to dream big and use their imaginations to discover new people and places through a good book.  We are busily working to tally all of the books read during our two month program; once completed, prizes will be distributed to all of our readers.

Just because school will be starting soon, doesnít mean you canít keep reading.  We are always happy to help you find books you need for school or a book to enjoy reading in your free time, so feel free to give us a call!

Volunteer Appreciation

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the hard work of our dedicated group of volunteers.  Talking Books relies on volunteers to check incoming books to ensure they are complete, in working order, and rewound.  Our Indiana Voices Program also relies on volunteers to narrate and proofread their books.  Their hard work and dedication allows us to best serve the needs of our patrons.

Talking Books Around Town

The Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library will be participating in several events in the upcoming months and hope to see some of you there!

        From August 24th-28th we will have a booth at the American Legion National Convention in downtown Indianapolis.

        On September 6th we will be attending the Blind Workers Convention in Indianapolis.

        During the first 2 weeks of October we will have booths at several Health Fairs at the Crestwood Village apartment communities in Indianapolis.

Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library Calendar


Saturday             September 1, 2012               Library Closed

Monday               September 3, 2012               Library Closed

Saturday             September 29, 2012             Vision Expo

Monday               October 8, 2012                    Library Closed

Tuesday              November 6, 2012                Library Closed

Monday               November 12, 2012              Library Closed

Thursday            November 22, 2012              Library Closed

Friday                  November 23, 2012              Library Closed

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Tuesday              December 25, 2012              Library Closed


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