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How to Get Involved in the Geek Indiana Libraries Campaign

While we like to use the term "statewide campaign" when referring to Geek Indiana Libraries, truth be told this is a locally-driven initiative. The level of involvement is completely up to your library district. Although the program is designed as a self-sufficient model, we realize that some field support—especially during the planning phase—is critical. Once you commit to the program, OCLC and the State Library will advise you on planning, staff training and launch and provide initial campaign material (such as posters, stickers and bookmarks).

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Here’s a list of things your library can do to make Geek the Library a success in your community:

  1. Long-term commitment. Building awareness takes time, and staff should be prepared to consistently promote the campaign through all three phases.

  2. Dedicated staff. There should be at least one designated person in charge of Geek the Library who spends time every week specifically focusing on the campaign.

  3. Planning time. The more you prepare, including writing a detailed marketing plan, the more successful the campaign will be in your community.

  4. Advertising budget. There’s no way around it, an investment in advertising is important to reach the intended audience for this campaign. (Advertising is recommended, but not required.)

  5. Media outreach. In order to gain media coverage and maximize the number of community members educated by the campaign, continuous efforts should be made to pitch Geek the Library & library funding stories to the local media.

  6. Multi-pronged marketing approach. To get the campaign noticed and the messages understood, many marketing tactics should be used simultaneously, including public relations efforts and social media.

  7. Community events. Staff should take the awareness campaign out into the community prioritizing presence at community events on a consistent basis.

  8. Localization. Take opportunities to localize the campaign by including local information, library statistics, etc.

  9. Networking. Library administrators and staff should be enthusiastic about informing and including influential members of the community throughout the campaign.\

  10. Speak up. In order to educate the community most effectively, library administrators and staff need to speak openly and frankly about funding.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's final installment of GeekNEWS for more information from the State Library about the Geek Indiana Libraries, including program timelines. If you would like to learn more about Geek the Library and how it can work in your local community visit,

Geek the Library: A Community Awareness Campaign
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