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Processed by: Amy C. Belcher, 2004

Informational Note:

 Indiana has a rich automobile history.  In 1909, Indiana produced the second largest number of automobiles in the country; only Michigan was ahead of the Hoosier State.  Indiana car companies mainly chose to refrain from mass production techniques for producing the vehicles.  Instead they focused on the “craftsman” method, where they put the cars together one piece at a time.  They made cars that were of a very high quality but that tended to be more expensive than the mass-produced vehicles.  Hoosier auto production declined with the economic factors of the 1920s and 1930s.  Studebaker, the major exception to this decline, continued Indiana production of automobiles until 1963. 

 Scope and Content Note:

 This collection contains photographs of cars and advertisements for the Indiana automobile industry.  There are some early clippings and photographs of the height of Indiana manufacturing.  There are also some pictures taken in the 1960s that are of early Indiana Cars.  The collection also includes some pamphlets and advertisement clippings. 

Folder Listing

 Folder 1.


Albany Automobile Company storefront, Albany, Indiana      


Riber-Lewis, begun in Muncie, Indiana and moved to Anderson, Indiana, Photograph of pamphlet


The Marmon by the Nordyke & Marmon Company, Indianapolis, Indiana- advertisement, clipping

1911, May 4

Motor World, Photograph of clipping, Great Western test car pulling four freight cars


Elkhart Motor Car Company- photograph of an advertisement for the company and their Sterling car


Lambert Commercial Vehicles- photograph of book page


1913, June 18

The Brown Commercial Car Company, Peru, Indiana- photograph of advertisement


Elkhart, Indiana- photograph of advertisement for the Royal Motor Company in Elkhart, Indiana


Pratt Cars by Elkhart Carriage & Harness Mfg. Company in Elkhart, Indiana- advertisement, clipping


Advertisement Clippings, Nyberg Six, Nyberg Automobile Works, Anderson, Indiana; W.H. McIntyre Co., Auburn, Indiana; Henderson Motor Car Co., Indianapolis, Indiana; The Empire Automobile Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


The Marathon, Herff-Brooks Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana photograph of advertisement


Marion, Marion Motor Car Company, Indianapolis, Indiana- photograph of advertisement

1914 & 1915

Real Cycle Car Plant, H. Paul Prigg Co., Converse, Indiana, three photographs of construction and then completion of the plant building


Sun Motor Car Co., Elkhart, Indiana- photograph of advertisement


Pathfinder, Indianapolis, Indiana, Ezra Meeker completed the same trip he had done in a covered wagon in this modified vehicle


Madison Models from the Madison Motors Corporation, Anderson, Indiana- photograph of advertisement

1917, Apr. 12

Photograph of advertisement in Motor Age for the Crow-Elkhart Multi-Powered Car, Crow-Elkhart Motor Company, Elkhart, Indiana


Service Motor Truck Co., Wabash, Indiana


Davis Catalog, 1917, Chassis Model Six H, Six I and Six K


Advertisement of the Lexington Series “R,” four-passenger, Sportour, Lexington Motor Company, Manufacturers, Connersville, Indiana, clipping

1919, July 31

The Huffman Truck, by the Huffman Brothers Motor Company, Elkhart, Indiana- photograph of advertisement in Motor Age


Pilot, “The Car Ahead” by the Pilot Motor Car Company, Richmond, Indiana- advertisement, clipping

1920, Jan.

Service Motor Truck Co. Monthly Magazine, Wabash, Indiana- photograph of clipping

1920, May 11

Stutz Plant, Indianapolis, Indiana  

1920, Sept. 24

H.C.S. Plant on North Capitol


Rodefeld Truck, Richmond, Indiana

1921, May 17

National Motor Care & Vehicle Corporation, 22nd and Yandes


Sheridan, four-cylinder, five-passenger touring car, (GMC) Muncie, Indiana- photograph of advertisement

1922, July 11

McFarlan, Connersville, Indiana


Duesenberg Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana- photograph of F.S. Duesenberg and E.L. Cord(?)


Duesenberg Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana- photograph of advertisement for convertible roadster


Elcar-120, five-passenger, Princess Sedan, Elcar Motor Company, Elkhart, Indiana- advertisement


Stutz Pak·Age·Car

Folder 2.


Pamphlet for Crosley Motors, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

1963, Mar. 1

Indiana Built Auto Emblems- photograph of display

1963, Sept. 14

Avanti, Sports-themed, four-seater by Studebaker

1964, Oct. 19

Reproduction of photograph of the Buckeye Manufacturing Co., Anderson, Indiana- The Lambert Friction Drive-Automobiles and Trucks

1964, Oct.

1918 Haynes Cloverleaf Roadster, W.S. Huffman, Ellen Huffman , David Huffman and Phil Huffman

1964, Oct.

1923 Haynes

1965, Sept.

1911 Izzer


1911, Lohr Touring Car by the Elmer Motor Car Co.


Bush, J.C. Andrews, Rhiniebeck, N. Y.


Indiana Truck Corporation, Marion, Indiana- photograph of advertisement


Plant of the Former Haynes Automobile Company, Kokomo, Indiana- postcard style photo


Aerial photograph of the Studebaker Corporation in South Bend, Indiana


The Red Bug, manufactured by the American Motor Vehicle Co., Lafayette, Indiana


Pamphlet for The Bryan Light Steam Tractor, Bryan Harvester Company, Peru, Indiana   


The First Quarter Century of Automobiles, 1893-1918- photographs of two magazine pages


Bryan Steamer, Peru, Indiana


Briggs Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 15, Briggs Magneto Company, Elkhart, Indiana  


1920 Kenworthy Touring Car in Harrah’s Auto Collection           


Wallace S. Huffman, Collector of Radiator Emblems, Hub Caps and Literature (on cars), postcard-style photograph


Wallace S. Huffman, Collector of Radiator Emblems, Hub Caps and Literature (on cars), postcard-style photograph


1910 Kirsch, Manufactured by Peter Kirsch, Decatur, Indiana


Black Touring Car with red interior and red wheel hubs


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Collection Dates: 1906-1965
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