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Counties E-J

Images from Elkhart County

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Bucklen Opera House, ca. 1900.

A bridge below the dam on the St. Joseph River, ca. 1900.

St. John's Church, ca. 1900.

The Warner Movie House, Elkhart.

Images from Fayette County

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The dental office of Dr. Joshua Harrison, Connersville.

The home of Oliver H. Smith, March 8, 1924.
Courtesy of Kate Heron.

Students of the Waterloo School, ca. 1903.

Home of Oliver H. Smith, ca. 1924.
Courtesy of Kate Heron.

Images from Floyd County

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New Albany High School, New Albany, ca. 1900.

Second Presbyterian Church, New Albany.
The spire was struck by lightning and the clock was still running when the picture was taken in April 1931.

This picture is of the Soviet satellite Sputnik crossing the New Albany night sky, November 27, 1957.
Courtesy of the Curric Center.

1614 E. Spring Road, New Albany.

Fairmont Elementary School, New Albany.
Courtesy of the Curric Center.

Images from Fountain County

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Bridge being build at Helfields looking northeast, with old Wooten mill in the distance, ca. 1844.

Old Hind's Mill on Coats farm.
Courtesy of C. Wesley Smith.

Court House, Covington, ca. 1915.

Bicycle riders in front of the Old Hatfield Mill, ca. 1840.

Images from Franklin County

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Old Stone House, Oldenburg. Photograph taken by Frank Hohenberger.
Courtesy of Lee Burns.

The Keeler cabin, 2 or 3 miles north of Brookville, build in 1808. Photographed May 11, 1902.
Courtesy of Ben F. Winans

"A two-story log house near Blooming Grove.  Nothing particularly remarkable about this house only that when I photographed it, it was the home of a Mr. & Mrs. Fields who at that time had a family of 14 living children, and the night before I went there on a photographic mission one of the daughters had eloped.  Picture taken Sept. 25, 1904."
Courtesy of Ben F. Winans.

St. Nicholas Lutheran Church in Peppertown, with its steeple being painted, ca. 1915.
Courtesy of Jane Volkening. Photograph taken by Kate (Reifel) Pepper.

William C. Reifel on the wagon bringing the tobacco in.
Courtesy of Jane Volkening. Photograph taken by Kate (Reifel) Pepper.

Images from Fulton County

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Goat Island, Lake Manitau, Rochester.

Colonial Hotel, Lake Manitau, Rochester.

Fulton County Courthouse, built in 1896.

Images from Gibson County

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Hazelton Ferry ceased operation in 1924,
shortly after the state highway's concrete and steel bridge was completed.

Hazelton Bridge.
Courtesy of the Indiana State Highway Commission.

Home of Louise Embree, Princeton, ca. 1880.

Images from Grant County

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Courtesy of John V. Beamer.

Main Hospital Building, Marion, ca. 1920.
Courtesy of State Printing Board.

The Statue of Justice while at Malter Park, ca. 1980.
It was removed from the top of the Grant County Courthouse, along with the dome, in 1943.

Lake Galatia.

Images from Greene County

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Old wooden bridge, Newberry and Railroad Crossing, April 15, 1942.

Elmora Hotel, Bloomfield, ca. 1908.

Courthouse in Bloomfield.

Men working in the Greene Valley Mine, Jasonville.

Images from Hamilton County

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C. E. Elliott's Drug Store, Sheridan, on the southeast corner of 4th and Main St., ca. 1910.

Dugout canoe found near Noblesville, believed to have been used by a fur trapper.
Now housed in the Connor Prairie Farm Museum.
Courtesy of Connor Prairie.

Harley W. Forsythe, Noblesville.

Images from Hancock County

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Hancock County Centennial Celebration, October 3, 1928.
Photographed by Pierson Studio, Greenfield

The original "Ole Swimmin' Hole" from James Whitcomb Riley's poem, at Greenfield.
Later a park was built here and another spot was named the "Ole Swimmin' Hole."
Courtesy of Harry H. Coburn

Images from Harrison County

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The Old State Treasury, Corydon.
Courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources.

Junior Historical Society group with Mrs. Julia Winters, 1969.
Mrs. Winters owned the Kintner Home, south of Laconia.

Fire tower in Harrison County State Forest

Indiana's first state capitol building in Corydon.
Corydon was the state capitol from 1816-1824.

The Constitutional Elm, Corydon, ca. 1915.
Photographed by F. W. Hohenberger.

Images from Hendricks County

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Central Academy, Plainfield, ca. 1884-1892.
This building caught fire January 22, 1906.

Clayton High School football players, ca. 1903.
Courtesy of Fred and Eileen Charbo.

Old Hendricks County Court House, ca. 1912.
Courtesy of Mrs. Edgar Blessing.

Images from Henry County

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Knightstown Grade School, which used to be Knightstown High School.
Courtesy of Department of Natural Resources, and Outdoor Indiana magazine.
Photographed by Dennis Bogden.

Orphan's home, Knightstown.
Courtesy of Cecile Montgomery.

Images from Howard County

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Old North College, Kokomo.
Courtesy of Earnest Ream.

Post card of the corner of Main St. and Walnut St., Kokomo, 1908.

Quaker College near Marshall.

Images from Huntington County

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Chief La Fountaine's residence, built in 1841.
Courtesy of James F. Biffus.

This is the site of the first attempt to teach agriculture in the state of Indiana.  The Quakers of Baltimore, in the spring of 1804, were invited by Little Turtle, the great Miami Chief.  Philip Dennis was the instructor of agriculture for the Indians of the Wabash Valley.
Photograph taken October 1938.
Courtesy of Otto Winiger.

Images from Jackson County

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Crothersville Girl Scout Troop at the big "Homecoming Picnic", in Henryville, Indiana, August 1912.

Jackson County Court House in Brownstown, ca. 1936.
Courtesy of Phebe Jeffers.

U. S. Mail in front of Mrs. Mancil Baughman's House.

The home of John Harmon Wiegard, on a land grant of 160 acres received under President Polk's administration, 1846.
The house was originally built as a log cabin with clapboard shingles and was later sided with poplar bevel siding. The dinner bell was placed in front of the house when it was built.

Images from Jasper County

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The armory on 211 S. Cullen Street in Rensselaer.

Postcard of the "View of Iroquois River in Rensselaer", ca. 1913.

Images from Jay County

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View of the interior of the court house at Portland, on the occasion of memorial services for Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks.
Photographed by Malin & Lewis Photographers.

Scene in Same Preserve, 1936.
Photographed by "The Hunt Studio".

Images from Jefferson County

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The Club House of the Madison Country Club.
Photographed by H. M. Flora.
Courtesy of the Indiana Department of Conservation.

Dairy man in Madison.
"He believed in his own product."

Jefferson County Court House, Madison.
Courtesy of Braun Photo Service.

River boat on the Ohio River.
Courtesy of Braun Photo Service.

River man getting driftwood, Madison, ca. 1940.

Henry Dilk, 85 and great-grandson, Lester Dilk, outside house.
The house was the second oldest on Big Creek.

Lanier Mansion, Madison
This photo was taken during the 1937 flood of the Ohio River and the water was 8 feet deep in the yard.

Clifty Falls State Park, 1962.
Courtesy of the Indiana Department of Conservation.
Photographed by Jozef Hollanders

Clifty Falls State Park, 1929.
Courtesy of Frank M. Hohenberger.

Railroad cut, Clifty Falls, Madison.
Courtesy of the Indiana Department of Conservation
Photographed by H. M. Flora

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, August 2, 1936.
Courtesy of Henley Studio.

Images from Jennings County

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Muscatatuck Inn, Muscatatuck State Park.
Photographed by Beck's Studio.

Mill in Vernon, still operating in 1939.

Images from Johnson County

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South Main Street, Franklin.

Franklin, March 10, 1910.
"Maple ruined by top pruning."