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Vietnam War

Books and Printed Material

Borroel, Roger. With the "Screaming Eagles" in Vietnam: A personal narrative of a soldier in the 101st Airborne Division 1968-1969. East Chicago: "La Villita", 1994. I 959.7 B737w

Finn, James. Protest Pacifism and Politics. New York: Random House, 1967.
I 341.1 F514p

Groom, Winston and Duncan Spencer. Conversations with the Enemy. New York: G.P. Putnam's Son, 1983.
I 923.G244g

Hartke, Senator Vance. The American Crisis in Vietnam. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Comp., Inc., 1968.
I 959.7 H329a

Herrgesell, Oscar. Dear Margaret, Today I Died . . . San Antonio, TX: The Naylor Company, 1974.
I 959.7 H56d

Indianapolis Draft Project
Ip 355.22 no. 4 Pamphlet

Indianapolis Draft Project
Ip 355.22 no. 5 Pamphlet

Kendall, David and Leonard Ross. The Lottery and the Draft: Where do I Stand? New York: Perennial Library, Harper and Row Publishers, 1970.
I 355.22

Klein, Joe. Payback. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1984.
I 920.7 K64p

Manion, Gina O'Brien. Mama Went to War. Shepherdsville, KY: Victor Publishing Co., 1966.
I 920.7 M278m

Plumb, Charlie. I'm No Hero. Independence, MO: Independence Press, 1973.
I 959.7 P734i

Wallace, Terry. Bloods. New York: Random House, 1984.
I 959.7 B655

Manuscript Collections

4th Flr. David Dennis

Congressional papers of Indiana Republican David Dennis. Refer to inventory for possible omissions pertaining to the Vietnam War.

  • Box 3 Folder 18: H.R. 365 Treatment of American Prisoners by North Vietnamese.
  • Box 3 Folder 21: House affirms support for President in efforts to negotiate peace in Vietnam.
  • Box 3 Folder 22: H.R. 701 committee on Internal Security authorization to conduct full and complete investigation of new mobilization committee to end the war in Vietnam.
  • Box 8 Folder 9: POW & MIA: Mar. 24, 1971-July 28, 1972.
  • Box 8 Folder 15: Vietnam troop withdraw, June 3, 1971- Aug. 19, 1971.
  • Box 25 Folder 12: POW's-MIA's: Nov. 4, 1972-Mar. 20, 1973.
  • Box 25 Folder 15: Vietnam, Dec. 26, 1972-Jan. 26, 1973.
  • Box 31 Folder 3: Govt.: 93rd Cong. N. Vietnam
  • Box 35 Folder 3: Unlabeled, relates to Cambodia, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Indochina.
  • Box 114 Folder 8: Vietnam withdraw and President Nixon's popularity rating.
  • Box 120 Folder 14: Govt.: 91st Cong. Depart. of Defense, Vietnam (1969-70).
  • L264 John William Dickerson

    This collections contains letters from John Dickerson to his parents. The letters detail his army training, military life, service in Vietnam and travel through Australia.

    4th Flr. Earl Landgrebe

    This collection contains letters from servicemen and veterans sent to Congressman Landgrebe during 1969-1974.

    Oral Histories

    OH BYR Ronald E. Byrne Jr.

    Colonel Ronald Byrne Jr. was captured on August 29, 1965 after he was shot down during a flight mission. He was a POW for 71/2 years. The oral history recalls his experience as a POW at the Hanoi Hilton.

    OH CUM David Cummings

    David Cummings was assigned to Advisory Team 50, stationed in Cao Lanh. He was a mail clerk and worked part-time in the message center. The oral history contains information about his responsibilities, day-to day- operations, R&R, drug use, public opinion, and how the war affected him.

    OH JOL Darrell Jolly

    Darrell Jolly was in the 2nd of the 60th, 9th Infantry, Echo Company, recon. He discusses army life, patrols, social conditioned, race relations, drug abuse, protesters, riots and his experience when he was wounded.

    OH SIE John Siegred

    John Siegred was drafted in February 1969, He was assigned to Alpha Battery 2nd, 20th Artillery (helicopters). The mission of his battery was to provide air support for the ground troops. He was a crew chief. He discuses in the oral history his duties, R&R, drug abuse, and the Vietnam memorial.

    OH SMI Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith was in the Air Force for several years before he was sent to Vietnam. He discusses what was going on in the south (in the U.S.) with race relations. When he was sent to Vietnam he was assigned with the 12 supply Squadron. They supplied everything that pilots needed.

    OH SPA James Spaulding

    James Spaulding went to Cam Ranh Bay to the 497th Port Construction Outfit. The oral history details his duties and events that occurred in the Bay.

    Other Resources


    S1969 Beaver 55

    S5-1967 Committee to Back Our Men

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